Google Apps, Email and Blogspot outages.

Posted by Support @ On Sunday, May 17, 2009
On May 14 around 10:30am -11am I can't login to my Google Apps for @KING.NET and cant't access to my blogger page which is also powered by Google. I guess I relied too much in google with my small business infrastructure. I am using Google Apps for email, docs, calendar, and I also use blogspot for my blogs. Just like an old adage, don't put all your eggs in one basket. I hope I got it right.

To make this story short. I've tried to access my email which is part of my daily routine. I can't move without checking my emails or write for my blogs. So I felt disconnected for the first time, not really because the Google services went down in the past for longer outages.

I know I can access other websites so I've visited some forums I know to double check if this is isolated issue. I've got a reply from New Hamshire that he can't access his gmail as well. It's a mixed reaction for the next 30-40 minutes so I've said, well I'll wait for it.

I realized I have an iPhone to get Google mails through IMAP protocol as well. I was able to check my emails (send and receive) without any issue but still having problem through the website. The system access is back up online after checking it past 3pm on the same day.

I have a record that I've asked the same questions through my twitter account from 11am to 11:46am, then stop talking about it.

20090518 Update:
Today, I just read an article from regarding Google Outage last May 14, 2009.

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