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Whaddya know any alternative FTP client? Preferably FTP open source.

I'm using CoreFTP limited edition, free version of the program for my daily uploading website contents. I've noticed in many occasion that I'm having problem uploading big files. So I decided to try Filezilla FTP client. The filezilla FTP client is another open-source that you can use to upload or download files. Not just a client, the Filezilla offer a server version for Windows to make files available for others to download. As of this date, they only provide FileZilla Server for Windows only. I've installed and tested it, easy setup and fast to upload files to my server. Check it out and let me know if you have questions.

Customer Satisfaction Survey templates.

Just like everyone else, sometimes you need a pre-define (templates) for your customer service satisfaction survey. I used many website to get some ideas, to save you some time here's a good one from - where you can use a survey templates from Demographics Survey Questions, Product Satisfaction Survey, and other Business Customer Satisfaction survey. Check it out.

Microsoft will power Yahoo search for the next 10 years.

It's about time to complete the search transaction between Microsoft and Yahoo. This will provide a competitive search against Google. I hope publishers will benefits to the partnerships of Microsoft and Yahoo. As publisher, we now have alternative source of income between Google Adsense and Yahoo Publishers/Microsoft Ad Center. "Microsoft and Yahoo officially inked on July 29 the search ad deal everyone's been talking about: Microsoft agreed to power Yahoo's search engine, and Yahoo agreed to become the exclusive worldwide relationship sales force for both companies' search advertisers. coming 18 months after Microsoft failed to buy Yahoo for $44.6 billion, has a duration of 10 years, during which the Microhoo combination will be working feverishly to chip away at search engine giant Google's 65 percent market share. Microsoft and Yahoo hold 8.4 percent and 19.6 percent of the market, respectively; together, they believe closing the gap will make them a worthy

iWound The World Largest Fashion & Art Magazine, Available at iTune !!

It looks that developers world move around iPhone apps, iTune currently has 70,000 plus apps and adding hundreds in routine. While searching iTune i found iWound claiming the world biggest art and fashion mag for iPhone. Art magazine iWound is introducing an iPhone version of its summer issue to complement the print and online versions. The iWound app is available at iTune , which costs you $4.99, contains 402 pages of original content, 15 minutes of audio and video and several features. iWound’s Iphone application represents the next generation of magazines. The central theme of wound for summer 2009 is ‘la grande illusion’. The new close-up section concentrates on electro musician peaches. this brand new section provides a unique perspective on a different artist every quarter, which gives a personal sense of the individual through concepts and ideas. curatorial in approach, rather than celebrity-watching, the reader is given a sense of the featured individual, her specific tale

Error 1316.A when reinstallation of software.

I'm trying to un-install an old version of Symantec from one computer. Usually we go to Control Panel, Add/Remove program to uninstall the programs, then use regedit tool to clean the registry. Well, uninstalling Symantec program is a challenge for me tonight. I thought it will be a under one hour and I'm done so I can watch scifi shows. :) But that was not the case tonight. During my troubleshooting and searching the Internet to solve this problem. I found two utilities that useful to do clean up. The first one is ccleaner from website. "CCleaner is a freeware system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool. It removes unused files from your system - allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history. Additionally it contains a fully featured registry cleaner. But the best part is that it's fast (normally taking less than a second to run) and contains NO

Warning: Upcoming .CM Cybersquatting Possibilities

If you after for traffic only, it is not worth it to snap a .CM domain name besides the high cost of maintenance. Though if you want to protect your own trademark, then go ahead. "Trademark Attorneys Warn Companies About the Upcoming .CM Cybersquatting Possibilities. In light of recent announcements regarding Cameroon's country code Top-Level Domain, .CM, being opened to public registration, Tresa Baldas reports on "Trademark attorneys are warning companies about a new target for cybersquatters known as '.cm,' which is the country code—or top level domain—for the West African nation of Cameroon. The dot-cm domain is a hot target for scammers, they say, due to 'cm' being a common typographical error for 'com' in the popular dot-com domain. Attorneys say this is significant to brand owners because Internet users searching for brand owners' Web sites frequently mistype dot-com as dot-cm and wind up on a bogus site. Not only is Web traffic

Whaddya want to read the Cambridge Police Department reports about Gates incident?

A friend is asking about what happened to this incident so I've searched the Internet and get some information. Here's what I've got. "JULY 23--Here are the police reports detailing the confrontation last week between Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and Cambridge cops, who were condemned last night by President Barack Obama for acting "stupidly" in arresting the African-American scholar. Cops responded to Gates's house after neighbor Lucia Whalen reported spotting "two black males with backpacks" trying to gain entry to the home (Gates, returning home from a trip overseas, and his driver were contending with a stuck front door). The Cambridge Police Department reports, authored by Sergeant James Crowley and Officer James Figueroa, quote an incensed Gates yelling, "This is what happens to black men in America!," and, when asked by Crowley to speak with him outside the residence, Gates replied, "ya, I'll speak with your

Domain Hijacking Alert

This is alarming and I would like to inform our readers if you manage your domain name for personal or business use. Please call your registrar or email customer service, ask them to lock your domain name and not to transfer without your approval. This is added task from locked domains and changing your account password regularly. "Weitzman has been in the domain game since 1994 and oldtimers in the industry know him as one of the pioneers in the business. Weitzman is a quiet guy who has never been interested in the spotlight, but as the victim of a major domain hijacking he is speaking up now with the hope that the publicity will lead to the return of his domains and prevent problems for others who might unknowingly buy the stolen names and lose their investment. Weitzman is also trying to find out how the theft happened and he believes the break-in could have occurred as high as the registry level at Verisign." (2009, ) The initial lists of domain names inclu

Windows Search or Google Desktop

A friend of mine is asking on how to search his local drive folders, files and specific "string" text. My quick answer is to use the built-in folder search via Windows Explorer. And if this doesn't help out, then you might consider using Windows Search or Google Desktop for complete tools searching your files. When you install any of these tools, it will slow down your system because of indexing and other built-in features. So after you use this tool, I recommend to check the options feature and only allow what you need. And if you will not use it anymore, just un-install the program to free up you system. I also found an article comparing Windows Search and Google Desktop, check it out. "Windows Search gives you far more control over which files and folders you want to index. While Google Desktop says that "all fixed drives" are indexed by default, Windows will only index drives that you select. While this means Google Desktop is easier to setup, it also

Ad Networks Are For Idiots -- And Here's The Math To Prove It

This is a very interesting article to read if you are a publisher or a blogger. Simply understanding the revenue sharing you get from your current Ad Network will help you realize to step-up and re-organize to bring more "bucks" to your pocket. Enjoy reading. " Competing for Scraps: First, it is important to understand that the revenue distribution among publishers is an extremely non-linear curve. The top 10 publishers in the U.S. capture more than 70% of every online advertising dollar, and the top 50 publishers capture a whopping 91% of all online advertising dollars. As for the other 9%? There are estimated to be more than 250,000 publishers using Google AdSense alone. The long tail is very long, very crowded, and very poor. It Only Makes Sense if You Can't Count: Ad networks now generate a whopping 27-cent average CPM, while premium publishers rake in a $20.17 average CPM through direct sales. Publishers earn 74.7 times more money per page when they sell ads dir

Vopium Updates iPhone OS 3.0 On App Store!!

Vopium is pleased to announce that the Vopium application has been updated for the new iPhone OS 3.0. This latest version enables you to group your contacts as you wish, giving you a much better overview of friends, families and colleagues. Moreover it includes a simplified registration process making it even easier for new users to sign up for Vopium. Please go to the Apple App Store or click here to download the updated Vopium application.

India to issue National ID to all 1.2 Billion Citizens

This is an excellent move by the Indian government to improve their national ID program. I hope this will be implemented as well in Philippines. There's nothing wrong to dream about improvement :) . "The national ID program hopes to clear up current bureaucratic tangles common in India, where citizens might be issued almost 20 different forms of identification. Adding to the confusion, many of those IDs don't work in different parts of the country." (2009, ) The article also mentioned that if you stacked up the cards on top of each other, the resulting pile would be 150 times taller than Mount Everest. That's a lot of cards.

Twitter Hacked!

I've read an article that was posted yesterday July 14, 2009 regarding Twitter was Hacked by Hacker Croll. "I’ve been contacted yesterday by the guy who have hacked Twitter. His pseudo his Hacker Croll (here is the initial reference to Hacker Croll, but in French) and explained to me that he was able to access to the various email boxes of the twitter employee including Evan Williams ones and his wife. This allowed him to have access to all a number of astonishing informations. He had access to the Paypal, Amazon, Apple , AT&T, MobileMe and Gmail accounts of Evan Williams, Sara Morishige Williams, Margaret Utgoff and Kevin Thau (twitter employees)."(2009, Tomsoft ). According to Tomsoft, the hacking was done through google apps using simple to guess password. The moral story here is to update your password with letters, numbers and special characters such as !@#$%^&*(). Have a safe computing. Have to go now and it's time for me to change my password :)

Whaddya apply for trademarks for your domain name?

I am wondering if I can apply for Trademarks for my "KING.NET" domain name. I am using KING.NET obviously as my main blog, to transact business in various ways from IT Consulting, Domain Name Management, Content Management System (CMS) management, Email Services, provide Howto Guide and other IT-related online services. After reading this article I need to take time out and discuss it with local lawyers to help me file my trademark application for "KING.NET". " Will the Domain Name Owner or Trademark Owner Win a Dispute? Domain name owners frequently open their mail to find a letter from a law firm representing a trademark owner. These letters - called “cease and desist letters” by lawyers - demand that the domain name owner stop using the domain name, transfer the domain name to the trademark owner, and provide information about the dates of use and money made from the use of the domain name." (2009, ) I've checked the current owners of Beach, Hotels and Travel portal goes Live.

We just completed Content Management Systems powered by to promote local businesses in Jamaica. The website portal currently produces local news, forums, hotel information, travel destination guides and vacation packages. You can also advertise for monthly, bi-annual and per year packages. If you are interested please send email to support [@] or use the contact form to get in touch with our sales personnel. Again, visit website.

Whaddya know alternative Email Server for your Business?

If you are looking to lower your cost maintaining and managing your company email here's a list of alternative email servers out there. Google Apps provides custom email like [email protected]. Google Calendar organize your schedule and events. Google Docs share online documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. I personally using spreadsheet sharing to keep the book updated with other personnel. Google Sites for website and group wikis, very limited features at this time. I have to outsource my CMS website. And if the 7GB free email is not big enough for you, then you might need to consider the Premium version. Check it at Zimbra is now a Yahoo company but still support open source version of mail server. Is truly a modern, innovative messaging and collaboration application according to the site. I personally haven't tried this software but looking forward to test it. I read the features available for Zimbra and might consider it as good alternative

MagicJack configuration update.

I received feedback from our readers regarding the article of MagicJack that I wrote last October 10, 2008 ( Cost Effective VOIP ) through search engine archive. They said that it is working intermittent for them, sometimes ok and most of the time they can't establish a good connection. If you are not using a firewall, even running a Windows XP or Vista operating system you should be able to make and receive calls. I've tested this type of setup. Now with the Firewall device on your network, you need to open the following ports for you to make and receive calls successfully. These ports are listed requirements from MagicJack website. UDP Port 5060 inbound/outbound UDP Port 5070 inbound/outbound I open this additional UDP ports (UPD Port 10000-65535 inbound/outbound) to make a consistent calls. So far, all incoming and outgoing calls are working for me. I haven't check the security vulnerabilities of opening these UDP ports. I have Internet cable and using dynamic external I

Enjoy Tour de France With 50% Off Calling Rates, Using Vopium!!

Vopium mobile VoIP service is sponsoring the team in Tour de France. Now you can call France for only 0.015 Euro to fixed lines and 0.095 Euro to mobiles. This exclusive offer is valid through Tour de France i.e. from 4th July to July 26th 2009. Take advantage of this special offer as all call to France via Vopium in next 4 weeks are now available at the lowest possible rates. No promo codes needed just signup at and start calling!! As a Vopium customer you also get great advantage of the Team Saxo Bank sponsorship by lots of exclusive offers. - 20% discount from the Team Saxo Bank webshop - Competitions with exciting cycling prizes. Login to your account check the offer details.. Source (Vopium)

Google Chrome OS is an open source

As part of my daily routine is to check out what Google's next generation project. Well I'm happy to see the progress of Google Chrome OS. With open source operating system, your next netbook will be under $200 or maybe under $100 only. Maybe better security against antibot, botnet, bloatwares, and other malware out there. Continue reading. "Google Chrome OS is an open source, lightweight operating system that will initially be targeted at netbooks. Later this year we will open-source its code, and netbooks running Google Chrome OS will be available for consumers in the second half of 2010. Because we're already talking to partners about the project, and we'll soon be working with the open source community, we wanted to share our vision now so everyone understands what we are trying to achieve. Speed, simplicity and security are the key aspects of Google Chrome OS. We're designing the OS to be fast and lightweight, to start up and get you onto the web in a few

Whaddya know that iPhone is an excellent Network Admin Tools?

My primary use of iPhone is to read my company emails, personal email address and other emails through Exchange Server 2003/2007 active sync and IMAP (here's my previous post, setting up email in iPhone ). The games, music, surfing NET, etc. are just add-on for this cool gadget mobile phone. Whaddya know that iPhone 3G S is an excellent Network Admin Tools (geeks Swiss Army Tool)? . I can't go out without iPhone dealing with my business. I read and respond to all customers inquiry wherever I am and ofcourse I can make the necessary network administration tasks while I'm out of the office. I will introduce you two remote management tools to manage your Windows and Linux Server. I personally and highly recommend that you buy these tools. For Windows Server Remote Desktop tool, I am currently using WinAdmin released by Carter Harrison LLC. Using this tool, I can easily connect to my windows servers and perform the necessary server administrations. As of this date, it is curren

How climate change will affect you?

Everyone is affected by climate change, here's a good one I captured from Bizarro blog. I think everybody needs to be part of the solution. We can't rely to our government or Al Gore's climate project to fix this for us. "There has never been a better time than now for making the change we need in dealing with the climate crisis -- across the world, as we look toward the Copenhagen Climate Conference in December this year. Worldwide, we all need to urge our governmental leaders to pass strong climate change legislation before that time. This is truly a new era of hope and opportunity for our cause. " (2009, ) Cartoons credit to: Bizarro Blog .