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Google Gmail access is blocked in China

If you are waiting for someone in China to respond to your emails using Gmail, you have to activate your backup email because all Gmail is blocked in China as of last friday according to the news posted by  NYTimes . This including access to Google Drive and other related service using Google Apps. Illustration by Sam Manchester

3D Robotics for Christmas Gift

I've ordered my Christmas Gift, 3D Robotics IRIS drone. Will update soon once I receive my toy. Check my personal project at Robots.Guru site.

Encryption Tools

The top 24 free tools for data encryption Disk Encryption BitLocker Discryptor File Encryption AES Crypt Challenger Steganography Steg Our Secret OpenPuff Email Encryption iSafeGuard HushMail Sbwave Portable Drive Encryption Rohos Mini Drive BitLocker Pro SecurStick Data in transit encryption. OpenSSL Stunel Remote Management Encryption OpenSSH PuTTY -- my favorite tool, easy to use. PowerShell Remote Desktop Connection Manager Multitaskers 7-Zip GPG Sophos Free Encryption Cloudfogger AxCrypt Source:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Windows could not connect to the System Event Notification Service service.

Unsolved!  Windows could not connect to the System Event Notification Service service. So many factors to consider finding the right solution. As of this time, I have mixed of solutions from restoring the profile, un-installing the last programs/applications added to the workstation/laptop, starting using SAFE MODE restarting workstation, installing security service patch, updating anti-virus software, and other possible isolation I can think of. Some solutions works with other workstation issue with the same error code but not consistent. That's why this is UNSOLVED. What's on your mind?

The Ultimate Guide to Data Protection

In typical organizations, most data resides outside the data center, so it is important that the protection of desktop and laptop computers is given the same priority as file servers and application servers. Have you deployed the right data protection strategy for endpoints? We’re here to help! Arcserve UDP offers a FREE Workstation edition product that specifically focuses on backing up data on endpoints. Not only can desktops and laptops be protected for FREE with award-winning technology that minimizes bandwidth and storage requirements, but they can participate in the global deduplication schema offered by UDP (for 30 days), and have their data protected in public and private clouds, and more! This is too good to pass up! Get your FREE Arcserve UDP Workstation edition now. Download it here.