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Alternative Social Networks

If you are planning to create your social network e.g. similar to Facebook. Here's a short list of alternative software's:

Open Source and Free​
Commercial Social Networks software
Something to check when selecting your next social network platform.
  • Un-encrypted codes, better if it is a open source code.
  • Affordable price
  • Check features or add-on, basic stuff like themes, photo upload, video upload
  • Responsive design
  • Social Network login using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others.
  • Security for Admin and Users. For Admin where they can update without leaving the websites just like WordPress security updates. For Users, two factor authentication should be implemented.
  • Easy exporting of data
  • and other basic stuff to manage your own social networks.
Are you using any of these social networks. Share your thoughts.


  1. Though most of the alternative social networks are user friendly and feature rich, they all store user data in plain sight on the server.

    Some of have them have an active backdoor. is the only social network that encrypts all of your data before saving on the server.

    This may make invisocial a bit slow and not so user friendly but it protects your information from hackers and marketeers.

  2. @Crypto Guru thank you for sharing about the social network. I will check it out.

  3. And years after no longer exist.


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