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2015 Worst Cyber Attacks

QUE.COM.Security The Year 2015 recorded the worst cyber attacks where millions of users from public and private records were compromised. Not even the Feds could avoid getting hacked. Antem  hacked last Feb 4, 2015,  78.8 Million  numbers of records accessed including Social Security numbers, member ID numbers and other personal data. Ashley Madison  hacked last July 20, 2015,  37 Million  names, password, email addresses and phone numbers. Some email address from US Military personnel. Office of Personnel Management (OPM)  hacked last June 4, 2015,  21.5 Million  Social Security numbers and fingerprints. Sad to know that my record might be one of them :(. Experian  hacked last October 1, 2015,  15 Million  Social Security numbers. Premera Blue Cross  hacked last March 17, 2015 with  11 Million  Social Security numbers, member ID numbers, bank account information and other data. Excellus Bluecross Blueshield  hacked last September 9, 2015 with  10 Million  Social Security

Beware of Online Scammers on Valentine's Day

Online Dating  is more popular than ever and has lost much of the stigma it once held. A study by Pew Research found that a majority of Americans now say online dating is a  good way to meet people . As online dating websites and apps become more popular than ever, it provides a golden opportunity for scammers and spammers to take advantage of  unsuspecting men and women  and make fast money through a variety of scams. According to the  National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA)  and  McAfee (a  National Cyber Security Alliance board member) , in a typical scam, the online scammer will create a  fake online dating profile ,  complete with attractive photos . Scammers then reach out one-on-one via  email, chat, text or phone  call trying to establish a relationship and thereby gain trust. Once trust is established, they may ask for money for a plane ticket to visit or to help them with a tragic incident. For instance, the scammer may say that they have a life threatening illness, or t