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Howto disable file folder synchronization?

Windows XP synchronizing to the server.

A customer had asked me to disabled the synchronization of her workstation.

A brief history of this request. Every time she log-off or shutdown her workstation, the workstation is synchronizing to the file server. This is not a bad process but added delay when you are ready to go home from long hours of staring to your workstation.

Her "My Document" folder was set to the network drive, for example \\KINGNET\johndoe, where KINGNET is my domain network and johndoe is the user. The Windows XP, VISTA or Windows 7 have the option to make this folder disabled, yes it is enabled by default.

So when you change the location of user "My Document" from drive C to LAN network drive H, the files and folders will create a CACHE copy in the My Document folder. This will synchronize the files and sub-folders every time you log-off to your network to provide up to date copy. This is perfect approach to provide offline copy to your mobile users…

Peter Schiff Was Right 2006 - 2007 (2nd Edition)

Peter Schiff (Euro Pacific Capital) pointed out obvious issues as a sign of recession risk and no body listen to him.
too much consumption and borrowing, he recommended to stop consuming and start producing again as cure to stop recession.home prices completely unsustainable, temporary low of adjustable mortgage rate (ARM)foreigners around the world lending us money for years, we can't afford to payit is not just subprime it's entire mortgage marketnext financial mess: auto loans and credit card debtArthur Laffer of Laffer Investment, "he bet that Peter Schiff is WRONG", "you just way off based, there is nothing out there".
Tom Adkins of Remax Fairlawn, will increase 10% home value opposite to Peter Schiff assessment.
Mike Norman of BizRadio Network Host, "have no idea what Peter Schiff is talking about" and he agree with Tom Adkins 10% increase assessment. And he continue to laugh while Peter Schiff address the questions.
Ben Stein, suggested "p…

Foreclosure Statistics

This is a very disturbing foreclosure statistics courtesy by NeighborWorks America. I would like to share to our readers.

Homeowners Facing Foreclosure
1 out of every 200 homes will be foreclosed upon. For a city like Washington, D.C., that translates to 3,000 Washingtonians losing their homes to foreclosure each year. - Mortgage Bankers AssociationEvery three months, 250,000 new families enter into foreclosure. - Mortgage Bankers AssociationOne child in every classroom in America is at risk of losing his/her home because their parents are unable to pay their mortgage. - Based on information from the Mortgage Bankers Association.A slower real estate market can translate into falling prices and home values. As a result, homeowners who opted for adjustable rate mortgages may now find that as their mortgage rate adjusts higher, their home value is lower and therefore refinancing is no longer an option.Six in 10 homeowners wish they understood the terms and details of their mortgage better.…

Top 10 Banks in the US

Just in case you are looking for the Top 10 Banks in the US, here's a list courtesy by National Information Center website.
Bank of America Corporation - Charlotte, NC - $2,340,667,014JPMorgan Chase & Co. - New York, NY - $2,135,796,000Citigroup Inc. - New York, NY- $2,002,213,000Wells Fargo & Company - San Francisco, CA - $1,223,630,000Goldman Sachs Group Inc. - New York, NY - $880,677,000Morgan Stanley - New York, NY - $819,719,000Metlife, Inc. - New York, NY - $565,566,452Barclays Group US Inc - Wilmington, DE - $427,837,000Taunus Corporation - New York, NY - $364,079,000HSBC North America Holdings Inc - New York, NW - $345,382,871An excerpt from Telegraph website "the three - Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and JP Morgan Chase - are the three largest consumers-focused banks on American high streets, and as a result are particularly susceptible to changes in the consumer cycle." (Telegraph, 2010). Where you could see this profits for 2010 wipe out.
Reference: Natio…

Joining Domain Network

Joining Domain Network.
01. Please connect the computer to the LAN.
02. Login as local administrator
03. On workstation desktop, select My Computer, right click and select Properties.
04. On System Properties, click the Computer Name tab.
05. On Computer Name tab, click Change in "To rename this computer or join a domain" and enter the domain membership e.g. KINGNET . You need the domain administrator and password to join in a domain.
06. A reboot will be necessary to complete this process.

Login to the domain network.
07. Login using network account e.g. username and password. The username profile should have login.bat in the Active Directory profile.
08. Check if the login.bat execute correctly.

Additional tasks for new workstation.
a. Click on Start, Control Panel.
b. In Control Panel, double click on "Automatic Updates"
c. In Automatic Updates, select Automatic (recommended), set to every day at 5pm. This will run the update every day at 5pm.
d. click OK to upda…