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Online Shopping Saves you time.

Guest Post: Wang Linlin So, what is all the hype about online shopping? It seems as if more and more people around the world are taking the do it online route everyday and you are probably wondering why? And what makes it so different from old fashion going to the mall? Well in this article I will explain to you why you should shop online and how it can benefit you. 1. Convenience. It's the main reason why people start shopping online. It is so much easier than driving all the way to the mall spending hours going through every store, only to find out that the shoes or new high tech gadget u want was just sold out. And now you did all that driving and effort for nothing. Online shopping takes out all the effort and stress of going through that phase. All you need to do is just get on your computer,laptop etc search for a product, purchase it and have it delivered to your door step hassle free. You can Shop online anytime 24/7/365. 2. Saves you time. There is just no faster w

More Americans in Poverty

I read this sobering statistic from The Epoch Times newspaper this morning " A family of four with two children under 18 years old and an income below $21,756 is considered impoverished according to the Office of Management and Budget's definition of the poverty threshold. A family of two people under 65 years old with no children is considered to be in poverty if their combined annual income is below $14,366 ." To learn more about this statistic, check out Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2009 from the website . This will give you detailed information about the report. And according to the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), the recession is officially over . Many concerned citizen posted their comments in CNN Money website. You might want to read.

A meeting update message or a meeting cancellation message is not delivered.

One of my user complained that he wasn't able to send a meeting update or meeting cancellation to any outside recipients . This is a big issue in our company because the organizer coordinate schedules of 5 to 25 (even more) consultants in the field. If they received the initial meeting schedule but not the cancellation or meeting update, then the coordinator is in trouble. In technical scenario. A Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and a Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 organization exchange communication. An Exchange 2003 user organizes a meeting and then send a meeting requests to an Exchange 2007 user. Then, the meeting organizer uses Microsoft Outlook to send a meeting update or meeting cancellation message to the Exchange 2007 user. The update or cancellation update is not delivered to the Exchange 2007 user. To troubleshoot this issue, you can check your Exchange 2003 SMTP queue where you can see this update or cancellation message still waiting to deliver. How to fix this issu

Recession officially over?

I read this article from "The Great Recession ended in June 2009 , according to the body charged with dating when economics downturns begin and end. but the news comes amid rising fears of a double-dip recession."  The comments posted in the website, majority doesn't agree. If you need more reading article, here's one from website. "But, despite these clear and dramatic signs of mounting malaise, most economists continue to forecast relatively solid economic growth both now and in the future. According to the Third Quarter 2010 Survey of Professional Forecasters (released in mid-August by the Philly Fed), economists expect real GDP to grow by 2.9% this year, 2.7% next year, and will accelerate to 3.6% in 2012. Given that first half GDP is already well below their forecast for the year as a whole, these economists are therefore predicting a much better second half. If anyone knows where this momentum can be found, please let me know

No Mail icon in Control Panel in Windows Vista?

In Windows XP, you can see the Mail icon in Control Panel but not in Windows Vista . There's always an alternative solution to accomplish this task. Here's a simple guide to bring the Mail configuration in Windows Vista. Open a Windows Explorer, and go to c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12\ directory Find mlcfg32.cpl  and double click to execute the program. Hope this work for you.

Deploying Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1

If you are planning to deploy Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1. It is highly recommended to read the article provided by Anderson Patricio from website. He explained different scenario's on how to install Exchange Server 2007 SP1. To start your upgrade, continue reading the article posted here: To increase  your knowledge in managing Exchange Server 2007. I recommend you to read the article written by Neil Hobson about Exchange Server 2007 Permissions and Roles. Here's the link:  and Part2 How to Grant Full Mailbox Access permission? You can Add-Mailbox Permission from shell to assign it. For example, we can assign Full Mailbox Access permission on John Smith (jsmith) mailbox to another user John Doe (jdoe). From the shell command, type the following: Add-MailboxPermission "jsmith" -AccessRights FullAccess -user "jdoe&qu

Computer Security: The NIST Handbook

If you are new in Computer Security field and need to learn on how to provide security for your company working environment. I highly recommend you begin reading the Special Publication 800 series e.g.  The NIST Handbook . Special Publication (800 Series) Special Publications in the 800 series present documents of general interest to the computer security community. The Special Publication 800 series was established in 1990 to provide a separate identity for information technology security publications. This Special Publication 800 series reports on ITL's research, guidelines, and outreach efforts in computer security, and its collaborative activities with industry, government, and academic organizations. ( NIST.GOV , 2010) To start, read the Special Publication 800-12 An Introduction to Computer Security, and follow-up with other reading materials where your current responsibility fit. For example about Cryptography, read Special Publication 800-21 2nd Edition: Guideline for

GeoTrust updating Intermediate Certificate Authority (CA)

This is a follow-up article that I post last week about the Installation of GeoTrust SSL Digital Certificate . After the renewal and successfully installed of digital certificate to one of our web server I thought everything is working just fine. Just like other system administrator, I've used Microsoft Internet Explorer ver7.0, 8.0 and Chrome to test the new SSL digital certificate installation. All returned no error when I browsed the website as an example. Then I received emails from other users that connection to the server is untrusted . So I start troubleshooting the issue, and I found out GeoTrust renewed their Intermediate Certificate Authority and additional action is required to fix the issue. Note. You will only see the error if you are using Windows Vista with IE 7.0 or Firefox 3.4.6. So here's the procedure to update the GeoTrust Intermediate Certificate Authority. Go to your web server and follow this instructions. Visit www.geotr

How to uninstall Symantec Antivirus v9.x

This document describes how to uninstall Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition 9.x client from Windows NT/2000/XP or Windows Server 2003 (32-bit) manually. Solution: Removing Symantec AntiVirus client manually takes the following four basic steps: Stop Symantec AntiVirus services Remove Symantec AntiVirus from the registry Remove Symantec AntiVirus from the Start menu Remove Symantec AntiVirus from the hard drive continue reading: is for sale.

Yes GoDaddy is for sale in an auction, and experts expect to sell at least $1B. "Based in Scottsdale, Ariz., is owned by Bob Parsons, who founded the company in 1997 and is its chief executive—a man the company website describes as "not shy to speak his mind." The company is well known for its edgy advertising, including Super Bowl commercials and ads featuring different "Go Daddy Girls," including racing car driver Danica Patrick . In addition to registering domain names, sells e-commerce, security and other services to people and businesses looking to manage their online presence. The company posted revenue between $750 million and $800 million in 2009 , according to people familiar with the matter. Two smaller competitors, and Network Solutions, have both been in private-equity's hands. Earlier this year, technology-focused buyout firm Vector Capital sold to another web registration and design pro

Buying a Domain Name in forums

Buying a domain name in various forums is sometimes very tricky. Someone is selling a domain name for example  MYIV.COM  requesting to post offer or by PM (private message). First interested buyer will post $500, $600 from the second buyer, $700 from the third buyer, and then later on you will see a post from the seller " High Offer $2000 received, BIN $4000 ". I don't know about you but this is fishy transaction to me, and I stop posting offer. As member of the forum, you are not allowed to question the owner post because "not related to a sale" or "not productive question" or other reasons. This is happening to any domain name forums that you might be part of, well at least one of the forum. Question to other domain name investors. How do you handle and approach this scenario?

Windows Installer Service error

A good reference to correct the Windows Installer Service could not be started. The error messages usually appear after failed installation of MSI Package or Disabled Windows Installer Service. Here are the ways to resolve this error.

Installing GeoTrust SSL Digital Certificate comes with error.

I just renewed the SSL digital certificate of one of our web server for another one year. I'm installing and renewing SSL digital certificate for many years but this time I encounter a digital error. So I tried to troubleshoot to learn what's going on, and provide solution to fix this problem. The renewal of digital certificate is the same process. You go to the server to create a new digital certificate, buy a SSL digital certificate from the vendor e.g. Verisign, GeoTrust, RapidSSL, and other provider, and then submit it. I choosed GeoTrust because it is very reasonable price to maintain a secure tunnel from your client internet browser to the web server. The process is completed, the web server digital certificate is valid for another year. But I have some users complaining about " The security certificate presented by this website was not issued by a trusted certificate authority. " I find out this from my Windows Vista users. I know I can ask them to check wi

How to setup your email using Outlook Express?

This is a step by step guide to setup the Outlook Express to download your email from Exchange Server or other email host server. In your Windows XP, click Start , Programs , and click on Outlook Express In Outlook Express, click Tools , Account . In Internet Accounts, click Mail tab, click Add , Mail . In Internet Connection Wizard, type your Display name. For example, John Smith, click Next . Type your Email address. For example, [email protected], click Next. In "My incoming mail server is a", select IMAP or POP depending which port is allowed to connect to your mail server. Contact your Administrator for assistance. Incoming mail (POP3, IMAP, or HTTP) server: For example, (your local admin can provide this information to you). Outgoing mail (SMTP) server. For example, (again, your admin will provide this information) In Internet Mail Logon, type your username and password . Put check on Remember password. Click Next .  Click Finish t

Adsense for Domains new template?

I checked two of my domain names (  or ) currently parked using Google Adsense for Domains . I saw three different templates, the standard blue text link color, blue text link color (centered), and the new template Tulip flowers with light blue background. I'm hoping to see more templates for parked domain soon. Here's are the captured images. Let me know if you see the same parked pages, simply refresh the screen to see the different templates.

How to check the current version of your Exchange Server?

Just like myself, I forget where to look to check my Exchange Server version. This is a simple guide to remind me, and I hope other administrators will help them too. Open your Exchange System Manager , go to Administrative Groups , First Administrative Group , then Servers . The list of servers will appear in the right box, in here you will see the edition, server version, and last modified date. Cheers.