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Add Storage in VMware ESXi

Have you tried to add storage in your VMware environment after the initial setup and configuration? In my case, I needed to add storage for more space to copy virtual machine files. This is also the same approach to access a USB drive to import a vmx and vmdk files (virtual machine and data storage). For this article, I will provide a step by step procedure on how to add your USB drive from one of your Windows Server (or workstation). Let's use a Windows Server 2003 for reading your USB drive. By default, the NFS service is not enable. So, you have to add this service first. Go to Start , Control Panel , Add or Remove Programs , Add/Remove Windows Components , Other Network and Print Services , and select all for Microsoft Services for NFS . You asked, Why enable NFS Service? The VMware is based using Linux, so you need to enable NFS service to share your network drive or folder. Share a USB drive or folder. Open your Windows Explorer and browse your USB drive. In your

Top10 Germiest in a Restaurant

10. Salad Bar Tongs The salad bar tongs weren't that bad -- maybe because Americans don't eat enough salad. 9. Ketchup Bottles The ketchup bottles weren't harboring anything too awful. 8. Bathroom Faucets 7. Bathroom Door Knobs "The faucets, the door handles ... were some of our least germy items, because they get cleaned," Leamy said. 6. Rims of Glasses The hidden cameras caught waiters gripping glasses right at the top where we drink, which gives pathogens a direct route into our bodies. Tests on the samples Leamy took detected multiple bacteria, including one linked with tuberculosis. 5. Tables Here's a clue as to how tables could be so germy. Leamy and "20/20" were shown photographs of parents changing their baby's diapers at the table and toilet-training their toddlers in restaurants. 4. Salt and Pepper Shakers Half of the swabs Leamy took from them were contaminated. How is that possible? They're used often but a

Cloud Outages

What is a Cloud Computing?  Excerpt from Wikipedia. "Cloud computing is the use of computing resources (hardware and software) that are delivered as a service over a network (typically the Internet)". And it was marketed to provide 24x7 and 99.9999% up time. This will never be true, here's why. Cloud hardware's are managed by system engineers. Including the software maintenance, updates, and applying security patches are managed by system engineers. The system  engineers can be a programmers or software architect, or other related title in information technology depending where you work. Documentations and Procedures. Have you read an IT procedures? They are detailed procedures, and very long. It will take some time to finish perusing a documents. Managed by Human Being And here are some recent outages by Microsoft Office365, Amazon Web Services, and GoDaddy . I only read a statement from Scott Wagner CEO, GoDaddy, but nothing from Amazon Web Services or Mi

How to remove the BLOG slug in WordPress multisite installation

I've done many installation of WordPress single or multi-site, but I still don't remember them all when I need it. Like the extra 'blog' slug in mult-site installation. I don't have this issue using a sub-domain multi-site ( ) installation. I only see the 'blog' slug when I use a multi-site sub-folder ( ) installation. If you configured your WordPress multi-site using sub-folder option, you are lucky because provided a plugin and installation guide to resolve this issue. Hope this help. Cheers.