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New iPhone coming by June 2009

If you're planning to buy a new mobile phone, I recommend to wait 'till June 8 where Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2009 ( WWDC09 ) will happen on June 8-12 in San Francisco, new technologies will be announce. "A new image we obtained is embedded above and shows the same matte case beside the current iPhone 3G, which is housed in a shinier plastic casing. The side-by-side image shows the clear difference between the two finishes. We have no further evidence that this case necessarily represents what the next iPhone will look like, but it does seem to be consistent with circulating rumors." (2009, ) My article is sponsored by: 24x7 Web Hosting Services. Have a nice weekend. EM @ KING.NET

$7.99 Enom Reseller Account available.

At discounted price, you can get your own Enom reseller account from Enom Technology Partner (ETP) for only $99 one time fee. Benefits as a resellers: Robust domain management tools Global DNS record management Private whois registrations Wholesale pricing on domain names 7 day a week customer service 365 days of e-mail support Wholesale domain name registration US$7.99 per year for .COM .NET .ORG US$7.99 per year for .US .BIZ .INFO US$23.95 per year for .TV (discount promotion) continue reading at for other ccTLD pricing. To get your own reseller account, send paypal payment ($99.00) to [email protected]. And for reseller details, please read article posted at . Thank you. Note: Price back to $99 setup fee.

Time and Expense: Report Server is unavailable.

If you haven't read my previous post regarding how to resolve the " Report Server is unavailable ", please read it here . The article provide step by step procedure to check your Actuate server temp folder. Sometimes the basic solution is really a simple task and we forget to apply a simple solution. I have the same scenario, the server is working properly and for no reason it stop printing reports again. Well to make the story short, I've checked my server drive C and D disk space. The drive D is plenty of space to write, close to 100Gb. The drive C is close to 500Mb only but still plenty of space to write. I decided to delete old installer files, temp files, internet temporary files and other junks in drive C. It turns out, another 2GB+ more disk space for my drive C. I've check the printing of report, it works. I don't know the exact disk space needed for the Actuate Report Server to run but I will keep this in mind. My article is sponsored by: is back online

You maybe wondering why the website is back online again.  Well, it's good to know that Systemax Inc realized the value of, step up to purchased the Circuit City brand, trademark, website and other assets including the customer records. "On May 19, 2009, Systemax Inc. purchased the Circuit City brand and website. Systemax Inc. has been in business since 1949. Systemax Inc. is a leading multi-channel retailer of computers, electronics, and industrial products in North America and Europe. Systemax Inc. is a publicly traded company on the NYSE under the symbol SYX." (2009, ) Interesting enough to see other marketing tools added to the website, such as Twitter and Facebook.  I'm on-hold buying electronic stuff at this time (well this year) except for Netbook. I can't tell if they are competetive than Best Buy. It's always nice to see other option. Cheers.

Whaddya know how to create a Privacy Policy?

Just like other webmasters or publishers, you want to put up your own Privacy Policy to inform your visitor when they browse to your website. For corporate business, they have a legal department to create one for them easy. What about if you are an entrepreneurs or a small business owner managing your ecommerce website? Well, here at KING.NET  we provide answer to all (I think) the questions posted by our visitors. If we can't answer it direct, we search and consult other experts in the field. For this article regarding Privacy Policy, I found a sample that you can use right away provided by

Local Advertising slumping but will soars in Handheld.

"Local advertising across newspapers, direct mail, TV, radio, yellow pages, outdoor, magazines and online is expected to slip to $144.4 billion by 2013, down from $155 billion last year, says BIA. Local ad revenue may hit a low of $135.8 billion in 2010, before climbing a bit in 2011, according to BIA (via Adweek). Some media, including newspapers, local TV, radio, print yellow pages, and local regional magazines, will need to rethink their traditional business models and look to the internet to find new revenue streams in order to survive. Radio and TV internet revenue will climb to $1.9 billion in 2013, from $805 million last year, according to some estimates. But other media, including outdoor and direct mail, may be in for a tougher challenge." (2009, )

Whaddya know how to backup your Internet Favorites?

I have some useful links in my Favorites and I always make a point to keep a copy (backup). Here's a simple procedure to backup Internet Explorer (IE) Favorites. Simple steps to backup your IE Favorites.  In IE 7.0 or above, the Menu Bar by default is hidden. Let's show this option first.  In your IE, click on Tools, then Menu B ar . You will be able to see File, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools, and Help. In Menu Bar, click File , Import and Export .  In Import/Export Wizard, click Next . Select Export Favorites , click Next . Select the Favorites folder you want to export, click Next . In Export Favorites Destination, Export to a file or Address, choose the location where you want to save your Favorite (Bookmark.html) . For example in your c:\temp\, click Next to proceed. Click Finish , then you will see "Successfully exported favorites". Here's how to import your Favorites: Following HOWTO items 1 through 3 steps. Select Import Favorites , click Next . Select the

Our Security Tip of the Week is courtesy of the Department of Homeland Security

Our Security Tip of the Week is courtesy of the Department of Homeland Security. "If you are ever trapped in a fire, be prepared to crawl. Smoke and heat rise. The air is clearer and cooler near the floor. Try to escape through a door. If it's not hot, open slowly and ensure fire and/or smoke is not blocking your escape route. If your escape route is blocked, shut the door immediately and use an alternate escape route, such as a window. If you cannot escape through a window, hang a white or light-colored sheet outside the window, alerting fire fighters of your presence."

Vopium adds Android to its portfolio of applications

Guest Post: Vopium has today launched its award winning mobile VoIP application in the Android Market. The application follows the recent launch of Vopium on the iPhone App StoreSM and BlackBerry App World™ and cements Vopium’s commitment to offering mobile users worldwide a cheaper, high quality international communications channel. Attached you will find our official press release, please publish this post on your blog with the minor adjustments as per your requirement. Copenhagen and London, 18 May, 2009 – Vopium, the leading international mobile communications company, has today launched its award winning mobile VoIP application on the Android Market. The application follows the recent launch of Vopium on the iPhone App StoreSM and BlackBerry App World™ and cements Vopium’s commitment to offering mobile users worldwide a cheaper, high quality international communications channel. To download the application, users simply search for Vopium in the Android Market. Once downloaded, Vo

Rick Latona now includes .TV domain names in upcoming Auction in Amsterdam

It's good to know Rick Latona highlighted some premiums .TV domain names to be included in Amsterdan auction this coming June 4th Targetted Traffic Conference. Here are the lists (some) of noted domain names up for grab. renewal fee of $1K with $37,500 reserve renewal fee of $1.5k with $90K reserve renewal fee of $750 with $25K reserve renewal fee of $750 with $25K reserve Sales. tv renewal fee of $750 with $14K reserve renewal fee of $750 with $14K reserve renewal fee of $750 with  $15k reserve renewal fee of $750 with  $15k reserve renewal fee of $1K with $75K reserve renewal fee of $750 with $9K reserve

Google Apps, Email and Blogspot outages.

On May 14 around 10:30am -11am I can't login to my Google Apps for @KING.NET and cant't access to my blogger page which is also powered by Google. I guess I relied too much in google with my small business infrastructure. I am using Google Apps for email, docs, calendar, and I also use blogspot for my blogs. Just like an old adage, don't put all your eggs in one basket. I hope I got it right. To make this story short. I've tried to access my email which is part of my daily routine. I can't move without checking my emails or write for my blogs. So I felt disconnected for the first time, not really because the Google services went down in the past for longer outages .

Hackers launch phishing attack on Facebook users

If you have a Facebook account, you need to read this article. This is another phishing incident that was reported today courtesy by "Hackers launched an attack on Facebook's 200 million users on Thursday, successfully gathering passwords from some of them in the latest campaign to prey on members of the popular social networking site. Facebook spokesman Barry Schnitt said on Thursday that the site was in the process of cleaning up damage from the attack. He said that Facebook was blocking compromised accounts. Schnitt declined to say how many accounts had been compromised. The hackers got passwords through what is known as a phishing attack, breaking into accounts of some Facebook members, then sending e-mails to friends and urging them to click on links to fake websites. Those sites were designed to look like the Facebook home page. The victims were directed to log back in to the site, but actually logged into the one controlled by the hackers, unwittingly givin

Whaddya have IE issue after installing KB963027?

We do automatic update for Microsoft Security Updates on a weekly schedule. This is to minimize risk of exposure against known vulnerability, patching the hole (threat) as soon as possible. Though this is not the perfect approach, well there is no perfect approach to secure your environment anyway. Again, minimizing risk according to your business acceptable loss. You need to do Risk Assessment first to determine the acceptable loss in ($) dollar value and ask your management "What Business are we in?" then you can create directives on how you can implement countermeasures. As always, countermeasures solution should be below the value of assets that you are trying to protect. Going back to the subject. After installing KB963027 on April 15, 2009. My customers started complaining not able to connect to some websites they normally visit. A good example, a website that authenticate their credentials to do their daily tasks. Another user, not able to visit Adobe website. Another

Internet user IDs turn honest

I am reading this article and I would like to know if my visitors are now part of this change? Read the article for details.  "In the 1998 box office hit “You’ve Got Mail,” the anonymous screen names of Meg Ryan (Shopgirl) and Tom Hanks (NY152) turned unwitting foes into paramours, giving Americans their first dose of a digital-age romantic comedy. Early AOL users may chuckle now at that signature dial-up modem din: a strung-out chorus of pings and bleeps interrupted by the fuzz of static and white noise. And these days, handles like Shopgirl and NY152 seem so, well, 1998. More than 10 years later, Internet handles are practically second to one’s identity. They signal our arrival in e-mail inboxes and can often be the first impression we make. User names of yore-college-era holdovers or an inscrutable series of computer-generated numbers tacked on to one’s login-are increasingly frowned upon as unprofessional and frivolous." (2009, ) Righ now, I still use my website

Whaddya know how to fix Joomla CMS javascript latest vulnerabilities?

I have a client that have asked me to assist them fixing their "hacked" website through vulnerabilities of old version of Joomla CMS. I said you should always apply the latest release of Joomla, they are very active in patching security vulnerabilities. I analyzed their website using an online scanning tool Unmask Parasites for quick security check. This is an excellent tool in addition to what I have right now. I can easily find out if the website is hacked through javascript injection. When you check your website, for example checking you should see a report that says something like this "This page seems to be clean" or "This page seems to be suspicious" . If clean, you're in the right direction managing your website and nothing to worry abou. If suspicious, continue reading the report and look for Suspicious Inline Script. For this specific Joomla vulnerability, here's an example of hijacking javascript codes. Please note, I

Microsoft rebrands Windows Genuine Advantage to Windows Activation Technologies.

I've read this news from today. I don't see the benefits of changing WGA to another name. Since we are in IT Consulting business, I guess I need to be aware of this change. Continue reading for more info. "Formerly known as Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA), the anti-piracy technology has been rebranded Windows Activation Technologies in Windows 7. But in addition to the name change, the company has tweaked the technology to improve the user experience. “While we have seen success with our implementation in Windows Vista, as evident from the lower levels of piracy, we also knew we could do better in Windows 7,” stated Joe Williams, general manager for Worldwide Genuine Windows at Microsoft, in a Q&A interview posted on the company’s Web site." (2009, ) Short Link:

Domain Name still a good business.

Based on these random interview, you still have a shot to do business in domain name industry. A lot of opportunity to introduce the domain name as business tool to increase productivity. "What do regular folks think of the domain industry and domainers? Howard Hits The Street to find out as he grabs a microphone and camera and strolls Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, Florida" (2009,

Whaddya know why .TV still not dominating the cyberspace?

Why .TV still not dominating the cyberspace? Do you know the answer to this question? Well if not, here's my humble opinion why. The .TV domain extension probably the best alternative if the .com .net .org .info or .biz are no longer available for your business. The .TV is the country code assigned to Tuvalu, the registry is currently managed by Verisign with Enom partnership to sell. This is the most common abbreviation in every language, from youngster to adult. Why other businesses is not using .TV? For one is the price tag per year to maintain a generic domain name or referred as premium domain name. Let's use Texas.TV and Florida.TV , as of writing this article they are still available to register at a premium tag price, $50K and $ 25K  per year respectively. If you're starting a small business, you will likely get a .com for a less than $10 per year maintenance (check price at ) instead of .TV domain name. They (registry) continue to increase the pr

Whaddya know how to check the uptime, last reboot, installed patches, and other information for your Windows Server, XP or Vista?

This is a simple way to check your workstation information or your server such as Windows 2003 or 2007. Here's what I have after running systeminfo in my Windows Vista laptop. Host Name:                      KINGNET001 OS Name:                         Microsoftr Windows VistaT Home Premium OS Version:                      6.0.6000 N/A Build 6000 OS Manufacturer:           Microsoft Corporation OS Configuration:            Standalone Workstation OS Build Type:                Multiprocessor Free Registered Owner:          KINGNET Registered Organization:   Product ID:                      89578-OEM-7332157-00141 Original Install Date:      3/1/2009, 10:32:33 AM System Boot Time:         5/2/2009, 9:54:08 AM

Facebook Fights Phishing Attacks

Just in today (actually a couple of days ago, wednesday).  "It was one of those things she never does. But, Wednesday night, when Amory Wooden, 27, received a Facebook message from a friend directing her to a new Web site, she clicked on it. Not only that, once popped up in her browser, she typed in her Facebook user name and password. She had no idea she'd been hoaxed until Thursday morning, when messages from Facebook friends started pouring in about how they all fell for it." (2009, )