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KING of POP Michael Jackson is dead at 50

As you know by now, The KING of POP Michael Jackson is dead. I'm in 80's music and I enjoyed all his records in the early 80's, learned to dance because of Triller and Beat it. He changed the music television at that time and open the world of opportunity to all aspiring artist. "Jackson, under apparent cardiac arrest, was taken from his home by paramedics to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, where a team of physicians tried to resuscitate him for more than an hour, said Jackson's brother Jermaine. He said the music idol was pronounced dead at 2:26 p.m. (5:26 p.m. ET)." (2009, ) Short Message Link: re-launched using CMS website service.

As we continue to improve our service, we are now using our own product CMS Website a hosted content management system (CMS) solutions to run our main website. We apply what we preach to our customers, using hosted content management systems. See it in action . We are still in beta, continuously adding more features to support our CMS product. About A service provided by NeedGuide LLC, is a privately owned Internet Media Portal. We continue to develop online services to help our customers e.g. company brochure websites, online community, ecommerce, and other IT-related services. Please see our portfolio . For project inquiry, please send email to support @ or use this form .

RIAA won it's case for $1.9M total fines.

Good morning. Everyday you read an interesting news and today is just another day. You can be fine of $80,000 of copyright violation per song. This is interesting story to share to everyone. Please continue to read. "The Recording Industry Association of America won its case—to the tune of $1.92 million—gainst a Minnesota woman for allegedly downloading 24 songs. The RIAA has continued an aggressive campaign against digital piracy, as propagated through P2P networks, although this case represents the first one successfully brought to trial. One music fan out there could be paying $80,000 for a Green Day track—whether he or she likes it or not. The Recording Industry Association of America won a major victory June 18 in Minnesota federal court, which ruled that Jammie Thomas-Rasset was guilty of copyright violation for downloading 24 songs using the Kazaa file-sharing network. The court fined Thomas-Rasset $1.92 million, which translates into $80,000 per song. It represents the fir

Firewall Configuration

It's been a while since I configure a firewall for a new office setup. So here's just a review for myself as well. The setup of firewall is still the same process for last couple of years, maybe for the last 5-10 years. The only different in my humble opinion is they improve the GUI management interface instead of using the telnet program through the console. You configure the internal IP address e.g for your firewall, external IP address for the external interface and set the routing in the firewall. Where the route should point to your router IP address, not the external IP of the firewall. This is a common mistake when setting up a new firewall. For route example: IP address point to router IP as your gateway. Create a test policy: Source: ANY Destination: ANY Service: ANY Please Note : You should create a GROUP for your service to manage allowed ports to get out of your network. Same approach for incoming traffic, you create a GRO

.CM Sunrise Period Opens at EuroDNS

EuroDNS announced sunrise period for .CM today. The .CM is the country code top level domain (ccTLD) for the Republic of Cameroon. It is another domain name extension to use for your personal or business. Instead of having .com .net .org or .etc, you can also register domain name if you own the trademark rights for "randompage" starting June 15 'till July 14. According to PR website "During the Sunrise phase, the minimum registration period is 2 years and applicants must hold a valid and issued trademark at the time of application. If there is more than one valid Sunrise application for the same domain name, the name will be awarded to the registrant with the oldest registered trademark. Each domain application costs 360 EUR with a non-refundable fee of 60 EUR, including a two years term." (2009, ) On July 15th-31th Landrush period, all domain name applications will be subjected to a premium fee (260 EUR including 2 years term) and an au launched a new webdesign is your one stop-shop hosted and manage content management system (CMS) for your business, company website, intranet, community, city portal, travel website, ecommerce, product brands, parked domains or your personal blog. Our products and services are powered by open-source programs to bring you a strong foundation to support your projects and at low cost maintenance. You don't need to learn CMS to run your website, we will take care the management and administrative tasks such as security updates, patches and upgrades. For more details, please visit and check out our completed websites.

Use Microsoft Outlook with Google Apps

Goolge push Google Apps to support Microsoft Outlook user for easy transition. "Today we're excited to announce that it's even easier to make the switch to Google Apps with Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook. This new feature lets customers use Microsoft Outlook seamlessly with Google Apps Premier or Education Editions. Many businesses are interested in adopting Google Apps but they've been unable to make the transition because of some employees that do not want to give up the familiar Microsoft Outlook interface. Now with Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook, businesses can move forward deploying Google Apps, even if some users want to keep using Outlook. The plug-in enables employees to switch from Outlook to the Gmail interface at their own pace giving them their choice of interface, and IT departments their choice of email infrastructure." (2009, )

How to add new module positions on Joomla 1.5

In Joomla 1.x releases, you can add a new module positions through the Template Manager, then add module position. That's a different approach for Joomla 1.5.x. You have to  add the module position using the templateDetails.xml file. Here's an example. <> <>header< /position > <>hornav< /position > <>banner< /position > <>left< /position > <>right< /position > <>top< /position > <>king-position< /position >   see this in action below. <>ja-login< /position > <>user1< /position > <>user2< /position > < /positions > Please note, there is no space between <> tag. This is a sample Joomla 1.5x script code: < ?php if ( $this -> countModules ( 'king-position' ) ) : ? > <> <> include type= "modules" name= "king-position " style= "xhtml" / >< /div > &l

Bing Overtakes Yahoo for a second place in search.

Just days after the launch of BING decision search from Microsoft already took the 2nd spot in search engine market. This is great result of their advertising money or people just like the new Microsoft search and decision results. "Microsoft's Bing overtook Yahoo! as the number two search engine in the United States and worldwide Thursday (4th June) according to data from StatCounter Global Stats. StatCounter says that Bing grabbed market share from Google. StatCounter's analysis for Thursday finds that in the US Bing leapfrogged Yahoo to take second place on 16.28%. Yahoo! has 10.22%. Google still commands the US search engine market with 71.47%." (2009, ) sold for $3M

I just learned this today that domain name is SOLD for a whooping $3M by Rick Schwartz to G&J Holdings. Continue reading the article and find out how the deal was done. "G&J Holdings Announces the Purchase and Development of Candy.Com BOSTON, MA — June 3, 2009 — G&J Holdings, LLC today announced the purchase and acquisition of the web domain Candy.Com and the development of a new internet based confections retailer d/b/a Candy.Com. A growing distribution channel that is here to stay, G&J Holdings, LLC has invested in for the purchase price of $3,000,000. The new internet candy retailer will service the growing demand for consumers to find their favorite bulk, gourmet, and gift confectionary products with great service, a unique and social shopping experience, competitively priced products, and expedited shipping." (2009, ) It's been a while since Rick is blogging this sale and he can't give us the name of the buyer. We

Sun Launches Cloud Services Portfolio

The Sun Microsystems is also launching their own Cloud Computing services soon, joining other companies that offer the future of online storage services. The well known company such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft already serving customers with their own cloud computing services.  The cloud computing services will be the direction of future online storage, going back to main frame and dumb terminal combination. The difference is our technology is way advance, the clouding computing services is robust, secured and scalable with the combinations of Netbooks being your dumb terminal in steroid,  small, light, faster and at low cost. "At the 2009 CommunityWest conference June 1, Sun is unveiling Sun Cloud Strategic Planning Service, a host of services offerings designed to help businesses make the move into cloud computing." (2009, ) Please don't hesitate to post your questions and suggestions. Thank you.