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How to setup email address using BlackBerry Bold

I wrote this article because some HOWTO website is not up to date. This article will guide you on how to add your MS Exchange email address using BlackBerry Bold smart phone. In your BlackBerry Bold phone. Press the BlackBerry icon , and you should see " Maximize Panel ", select and press the center button . Scroll down, select, and press the Setup icon . In Setup, you will see the Email Account , press the icon to configure your email. NOTE: If this is the first time you will add an email, you will force to create an BlackBerry ID. Go ahead and complete this process. Your BlackBerry phone will try to complete the setup. Of course this will fail, because it does not know your email address, password, and your company Outlook Web Access exact URL address. So, you need to provide these information manually. Email: [email protected] Password: my email password OWA Address: ; yes with /exchange press Continue to complete the setup. I h

Microsoft Tag for your website

Get your own Microsoft Tag and QR Codes at website. It’s so easy to use and perfect to any marketing approach, post it your website so mobile/smartphone users will be able to visit your website without typing the URL website address. Why use Microsoft Tag or QR Codes? This is a simple whole new dimension to your products and services marketing campaigns. Capture your customers in the moment and bring printed materials to life. (2011, Here’s our own Microsoft Tag:  You scan this image using Microsoft Tag app for your iPhone and smartphones. Here’s the link from Microsoft website:  Visit to create your own Microsoft Tag and QR Codes for your marketing campaigns. You don’t need to register to use it’s functionality, but you can’t edit it. If you plan to edit your Microsoft Tag and QR Codes for your website address, then you need to register. Short URL Service

The Short URL Cloaking Service and Marketing tools comes with easy to handle your long URLs and to control traffic, cloak your affiliate links, track clicks, redirect statistic for timing, referring sites, IP Addresses, referring pages; set temporary download links and protected with password, and best of all your content goes mobile with QR Codes and Microsoft Tags. So much features to post, it's better for your to try it out yourself. The short URL service is free to use and you don't have to register to use most of it's functionality. Here's the website , see our own QR Codes and Microsoft Tags later today. You will see them in our main website. Please tweet and mention us in your facebook. Thank you. Update: Here's QR code, if you scan this using your smart phone you will be redirected to our website (mobile version). Cool huh! Here's the KING.NET QR code:

Role Management Tool

When you try to install the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 and you are prompted something like this. " You must use Role Management Tool to install or configure Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 " This is because the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 is already in your server. Unlike the previous version of Windows Server e.g. 2000 or 2003, you need to download the .NET Framework manually. Here's how to enable Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 in your Windows Server 2008. Go to the Server Manager Click the Features, click Add Features, put check on .NET Framework 3.5.1, and accept additional features to enable. That's it. Proceed with your application installation. I hope this help.

IE Enhanced Security Configuration

In Windows Server 2008, if you try to visit a website you will see a lot of pop-up, and you need to allow them manually so you can see web page. This is annoying, so here's how to disable this security feature. NOTE: You need to enable it back after you're done. Here's how to disable the IE ESC or IE Enhanced Security Configuration. I prefer to call it as IE Security, easy to remember. Click Start, All Programs, Administrator Tools, then click Server Manager. You will see the " Configure IE ESC ", click the link. The Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration will open. Select the button "OFF" for the Administrators and Users. Now, try to visit a website to see if you done it correctly. I remind you again to bring back IE ESC to "ON" after you've done your internet surfing. This security feature was added to minimize risks connected to the Internet. Free Arcade Games Online Free Arcade Games provides 1000+ games to play and have fun. No need to register to play online. Though if you register your own account, you will see less and less of advertisement. Either way, you can play thousands of games for free 24×7, and 365 days. I hope you like, please introduce us to your friends. Come visit Free Online Arcade Games today.

Install Application on Remote Desktop Services

Visit our sponsors:  - Free Online Arcade Games  - Don't be Hacked. Get a daily anti-malware scan. This article will show you on how to add an applications to your Remote Desktop Services installation. If you haven't read the Windows Server 2008 R2 - Remote Desktop Services installation guide, please read it first. What is the benefits of using Remote Desktop Services? If you are using the VPN for remote connection, then you have an idea. This is a Microsoft remote access solution to replace (maybe) the difficult to setup VPN connection, but a lot of company still using this technology. If it is running and properly setup, the VPN is a reliable remote access solution. Well, we are not here to compare the VPN and Remote Desktop Services. The Remote Desktop Services is an added tool for your employees to telecommute or work from home without compromising your network security. I think it's safe to say, minimizing security risks. If th

YA.NET Magazine Cover for Holiday season

Just in time for Christmas or Holiday for some people prefer to call it. YA.NET Magazine Cover releases MERRYCHRISTMAS Magazine and HOLIDAY Magazine covers to bring excitement to your personal photo, family or group photos. Instead of sending a plain photo, you can select any YA.NET Magazine Cover to add fun to your photos. You don't need to register for an account to create your own Magazine Cover. Simply upload your photo, select a Magazine Cover, then share to your family and friends through a social media links. To give you some good ideas, here's are the samples from our members and visitors.

Online Photo Editor

Editing your Photo is fun, but if you don't have money to buy PhotoShop software what's your alternative? Good news, there are some free or open source photo editor, and one of them is that provides online  photo editing services. Check it out and leave me your feedback. Tell me what you like about their service and you don't like, they need to hear those feedback to improve their applications. And if you need to put your photo to a Magazine Cover, come visit better way to express yourself. You will enjoy it. Have fun!

Sedo using DNS for parking services.

I just receive an email from Sedo regarding " Change of Parking Policy ". Changing the domain name parking setup from URL forwarding to DNS. I agree with their justification listed below of using DNS instead of URL forwarding, and I intend to make these changes to my domain portfolio. Here the message of the email. "As of January 1st 2012, Sedo will no longer pay out parking revenue for any domains parked using URL forwarding, regardless of the advertising provider source. This is based on a decision from our primary online advertiser, Google, who has stated that they will only monetize name-server (DNS) parked domains.  DNS-parked domains are more secure and less susceptible to downtime. DNS-parked domains load more quickly for visitors, resulting in better CTR and ultimately more revenue.  DNS forwarding settings can be adjusted in bulk by most registrars, whereas URL forwarding must be set up one domain at a time.   Over the last few months we have sent o

The Mall is watching you

Did you enjoy your Black Friday shopping? I bet you do. Anyway, did you know that (some) Malls are watching your shopping habit? In my humble opinion this is an invasion of privacy, because they did not inform the shoppers about this tracking mechanism when they enter the mall. Recently CNN reported that malls track shoppers during Black Friday, a service called FootPath Technology installed a discreet devices at the Short Pump Town Center in Richmond, Virginia and Promenade Temecula in southern California from Black Friday through New Year. "How does it work? The company installs discreet receivers attached to walls at the location to be tracked, and these devices then track anyone in the vicinity with a switched-on cell phone. The person-specific tracking allows the system to determine which stores get the most traffic, and which areas within the stores attract the largest crowds. The system also collects weather and site event information to help illustrate possible impacts