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I've got to re-learn my MySQL and PHP programming skills . I have a field name contentdata with a hex data of AA560D72DA4AB20AAA using a type char. In MySQL, I can run this command: SELECT SUBSTR(hex(contentdata),15,2) FROM table1 output is: 0A How can I code " SELECT SUBSTR(hex(contentdata),15,2) FROM table1 " in PHP so I can bring the same result? MySQL create php code gave me this recommendation but I can't show the value. $sql = "SELECT SUBSTR(hex(payload),15,2) FROM device_status LIMIT" Let me know what I'm missing here? UPDATE: A member (Katherine) in domain name forum recommended to use "AS hex_value" to create aliases for the field resulting from expressions. It works! So, I query the data using the codes below: " SELECT SUBSTR(hex(contentdata),15,2) AS myHex_data FROM table1 "

Apple iOS 6.0

I just upgraded my iPhone iOS to 6.0 , it took me at least 30-40 minutes to complete using WIFI connection. I'm so excited to see the new features in action such as much improve Siri , Safari , FaceTime , and Maps . The photo sharing in my photo streams is an add-on to me not really a part of my daily routine, but not with my teen children. I'm sure they will love the sharing feature enable in Photo Streams . Maps. I will update on you on this feature. The Apple Maps elements are vector based, this makes the graphics and text are incredibly detailed according to Apple. One thing for sure, you need to enable the Location Services to use maps. I like the 3D feature of Apple Maps Siri. Siri can open my apps ... excellent. I don't have to look for it. I shared my iTunes account with my family, if you're in the same situation like me you know what I mean. Now I can talk to Siri for sport updates. Facebook. Not too fan of Facebook to share everything, but a nice b

Million Dollar Domain Names Club

Do you know the Million Dollar domain names sold for the last 10 years, and what they are now? When someone purchased at least a million dollar domain name, you expect to have a business model ready for a return of investment. Most of these Million Dollar domain names are active websites but some of them are parked, redirect to another website, or even worst not active (not resolving). The list of Top40 Million Dollar Domain Names Club, sold at least 1 million . Here's the list of most expensive domain names sold. The domain names and were sold $1.5M and $1.25M respectively but parked. At least they make some $$$ through parking. How about the inactive domains e.g.,,,, and They acquired with millions but never bother t

7 Smart Things Donald Trump Told Me

I received this email newsletter today, nice article to read so I decided to post it here. I hope you learn something. By Geoffrey James    The real estate and entertainment mogul spills a few of his secrets. On the agenda: Talent spotting, sales mistakes, and personal branding.   Donald Trump is almost undoubtedly the world's most famous business leader.  I recently had the opportunity to interview him on the subjects of sales, entrepreneurship, and other business topics.   Trump is a smart man. Here are a few of the most interesting things he told me.     1. The Value of a Personal Brand   "A brand saves time for the public. They will know a gold standard brand because the name will stand for the gold standard. It takes the guesswork out. Chanel did this with her fashion and fragrances and was extremely successful.   "It has been done before, but the Trump brand is very comprehensive--it's not just beautiful bui

Learn to use Access Database

I know how to use the Microsoft Access Database, but if you don't use it you forgot about it. I found this YouTube video providing a step-by-step approach on how to use MS Access Database. If you're interested, here's the link: . This video is Part 1 of 5. I highly recommend that you watch video 1 to 5. Enjoy.

Check your IP Address

To check your Public IP Address, simply visit  website. You will see a result something like: Your Public IP Address: This is a PHP $_SERVER global variables available to most Linux web server. To write a code to discover your public IP address is simple, this is an example. <?php echo $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] ?> Cut and paste this code, save as ipaddress.php , and upload this to your web hosting. To know more about PHP $_SERVER, please visit