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Free Backup Software to backup your data

Worried about your workstation data, e.g. files, iTunes music, downloads, etc.? Don't have a backup because you don't have a budget to buy the software? Good news for you. I have a few list of free backup software's that you can use to backup or synchronize your data automatically. Yes, you can schedule it whenever you feel OK to do backup or sync your data to one of your external drives. Free to use backup software's: Syncbac Free download your copy to the official website Cobian Backup free courtesy by Luis Cobian  Both backup software are easy to configure, setup the source and destination folder, configure the option according to your preference e.g. backup or sync data, and setup schedules for automatic backup routine. You can configure the software within 10 minutes or less depending your technical knowledge. By average user should be done in under 30 minutes. Othe

How to setup Exchange Mail to HTC phone

I can remember all setup procedures so sometimes I used the Internet to search for guides. I found one that I would like to share with you courtesy by jam471975 via Youtube. Click on Menu, Settings, Accounts and Sync, Exchange ActiveSync, Account Settings, Configure Server and you need your email server credentials e.g. email address, server address, domain, username and password. Here's an example setup: Email Address: em @ (without spaces before and after @ sign) Server Address: (check with your local administrator, normally Domain: kingnet Username: your username Password: your password After that you can check other features that you would like to adjust according to your needs. Watch the video for more information.