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Can't upload avatar in Wordpress

This is a simple procedure on how to configure your WordPress website to allow your members to upload their own avatars. Assuming you are getting this error " Upload Failed! Error was: Unable to create directory /avatars/3 " Here's how to fix this error: - Using a FTP program, go to wp-content folder. - Create a new folder " upload s" and give 777 permission. /public_html/wp-content (0755 permission) /public_html/wp-content/ uploads (0777 permission) Try uploading avatar, you will see this error disappear, and you will be able to crop the image. Hope this help.

Google Project Glass

We are going to the future with the new Google Project Glass , always on wherever you go check online, capture photo, GPS navigation, read text, read email, schedule a meeting, check the weather, post in your Google+, and more. I think it is better for your to watch the video. I've noticed, Google is also using their short URL service (\projectglass ) to promote this project. Let's get going.

My iPhone 4S using 4G after software update

I just helped another customer of upgrading his iPhone 4S to the latest software update of iOS. After the software update, still in 3G network, and he's with Sprint carrier. I thought Sprint are already in 4G for iPhone 4S? At this time, only AT&T upgraded iPhone from 3G to 4G network . The Verizon and Sprint stay with 3G network after the iOS software update to 5.1 Just in case you missed reading article on how to update to version 5.1, here's the link: