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Blog on the move. Using Mobile Blogger Template.

I'm so excited that you can now read and comment using your mobile phone e.g. iPhone, Android, or any other smart phone brands. So you have no reason not to post your comments or suggestion. The Mobile Templates for Blogger is not available in public, still in DRAFT. So, if you want to enable the blogger mobile template. Go to , login your username and password, go to Settings , click the " Email and Mobile " tab, select " Yes, On mobile devices, show the mobile version of my template. ", click " Save " button to finish. Yes, that's all. Grab your iPhone or Android phone, go to the website to see the mobile template in action. If you are using Blogger, this is a nice addition to your blog website. It's only a few clicks away to enable the mobile template for your blog/website. As of writing this post, the iPad is not supported yet. I hope it will not take years to see new features. This is

How to remove XP Anti-Spyware 2011

I assisted someone to remove the XP Anti-Spyware 2011 today. This is a similar category of Spyware Protect 2009, Vista Antimalware 2011, and Win 7 Antispyware 2011. The malicious codes apply similar approach of scaring user by displaying pop-up that your computer is infected, ask you to activate XP Anti-Spyware software, imitating  anti-virus or anti-spam program to buy. DO NOT BUY anything . A local computer technician can clean this for you. If you're a system administrator or a local computer technician. Here's a simple procedure I tried and tested to clean up this mess! This manual removal is not applicable to end-users that doesn't understand computer trouble shooting, leave this to the professional. Seek for assistance right away. End these processes in Task Manager WavXDocMgr.exe bhj.exe Delete this file here: C:\Documents and Settings\juliad\Local Settings\Application Data WavXMapDrive.bat iconfile Run Regedit and delete these entries: HKEY_CURRENT_US

How to add a network printer.

Here's a simple procedure on how to add a network printer. Click Start , Printer and Faxes In Printer and Faxes, click Add a printer In Add Printer Wizard, click Next Select A network printer, or a printer attached to another computer , click Next Find a printer in the directory, click Next Click Find Now In the list of printers, select Toshiba as example, click OK . Wait to install the print driver for your workstation. Default Printer, if you want it as the default printer, select Yes . Click Next Click Finish That's all.

Friended for iPhone will be free and will also comes with paid version to extend the app capability to support other mobile smart phones outside of iPhone. No detailed information at this time, please check the official website ( ) and subscribe to keep you posted. As we continue to build apps and games, we would like to share our knowledge, ideas, and extend to other developers who are interested to learn social network apps and games development. We purchased a domain name to be our home community. We used Ask Questions, Answer and Learn type of setup instead of using traditional forum/discussion. We want our members to vote (recommend) for the topic that matters to them. It’s free for everyone. Come check it out

What is the value of your data?

Guest post by: Michael Quiroz (m.quiroz @ Prevent data loss The new Massachusetts data security law, 201 CMR 17.00, is a prime example of the increasingly aggressive role states are taking to protect their citizens according to The Information Week. But who plays an aggressive role to protect the data of the citizens? Computers are expensive and therefore they should be considered as safe machines. Mr. David M. Smith, Ph.D from the Pepperdine University of California (US) reported that 4.607.100 computers in the United States suffered of data loss in 2003 only. How many this may be now? At ZenOK they think they have the answer. The ZenOK data protection service is, what the new data protection law in Massachusetts is for their citizens – playing an aggressive role in protecting data. This product covers up to $10.000 in case of data loss and includes a free Antivirus Suite. What are your data worth for you? “Data have more value than most people think”