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Instant Messaging using your iPhone

I'm so excited to find out that I can use my iPhone for Instant Messaging through the use of website. No additional software to install, just use the built-in Safari browser on your iPhone and use your favorite Instant Messaging e.g. AIM, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Jabber and Google Talk. Read more about meebo for iPhone: And if you want multi-video conference, check out easy to use.

Why we should feel fortunate.

TGIF Got this pictures from a friend. Gas price is too high to afford. Car pool in other countries.

Why we should feel fortunate.

TGIF Got this pictures from a friend. Gas price is too high to afford. Car pool in other countries.

Buy it now or your best offer?

We all think our online properties (domain names and/or website) worth a few hundred, or thousand, or maybe a million hard earn cash. I guess some of you will agree with me and some don't, who really care? We just want to make money, that's a primary goal. Though we have to make a simple baseline to follow so we can meet that goal. The question is "How do you negotiate a deal without losing your potential customer?". This is based on my previous transactions as a buyer or a seller. I'm always open to offer. I hate putting bin price or fixed price, this will push the "potential" buyer away. I let the buyer set the price how much they can afford to purchase the domain. It's the buyer who really knows what his/her budget anyway. If the offer is close enough, we seal the deal right away. Then move on to the next. Not all domains fall to "best offer" negotiation. A good example is GEO online properties (domain name), they don't get a lot o 10 years old domain.

This domain registered since 1998 , great building your ad network, easily index by search engine. Easy push to your Enom Technology Partner (ETP) account. The domain name is now SOLD . Payment Terms: Bank Wire Transfer or Escrow +transaction fees. Thank you.

New York visit.

Some pictures to share from New York last weekend. I hope you enjoy it, no dull moment while in New York.

How to do PayPal "Mass Pay" payments and avoid fees. Read and learn!

This how to guide is prepared by pcproffenno, a DNF member. I would like to share this information to all entrepreneurs. HOWTO Start --- I stumble upon a lot of people all the time who does not know how to pay with PayPal's "mass pay" feature, which only costs $1 in fees, instead of the usual 4%. I will therefore try to write a quick guide on how to do this. It is quick, easy and as long as you're paying with PayPal balance, anyone can do it. Some people believe that PayPal is only charging fees if the buyer is paying from credit card, but this is not right. PayPal charges roughly 4% of the amount from the payee, even though it is a PayPal balance payment. Mass pay can be made only from a Premier/Business account, not from Personal accounts. Paypal does not charge incoming payments from balance to private accounts, so if you pay someone with a private account, just send normal payment, its free. I know most of the experienced domainers on this forum knows how to do a

Certified Referral Travel Agent (Certified RTA)

I'm so excited that I was able to complete a whole day seminar for RTA Certification yesterday (April 19, 2008) so I can avail additional 10% of commission (in addition of my current 60%) from my partners online travel websites and REP (Travel Agents). Yes, I am now a Certified RTA . So where do I go from here? Travel industry is a great addition when you develop a GEO domain names to make it a complete online portal providing informations, local guide, hotels, air, vacation packages, cruises, golf resorts, etc. To make it easy for you, check out Travel and Local Guide online portal which uses NorthAmerica.NET travel engine to make a reservations, air and hotel booking, and other products. To give you some informations about this business. I joined Your Travel Business this is my partner page where you can join, learn the compensation plan , company presentation, etc. I am using to market my Tra

Fairfax.TV is forsale.

Looking to find an investors for GEO .TV domain name. Limited time offer only. Accepting offer at minimum $135K or best offer for this domain, at $1000 renewal per year. It is registered through Enom Technology Partner (ETP), easy push to your account. We have plans to develop this domain just like Online Portal. If your offer is reasonable and within our selling price, we can close the deal right away. GEO domains .TV the next money maker. Bargain sales for .TV domains: Burundi.TV for only $750 GEO names All sales not valid after 1 month, please send e-mail ( emil @ ) for inquiry. Thank you. Online Portal is LIVE

I blog here that is being develop as a complete portal. Just to give you a quick peek of what has to offer. Here are some services available as of this time. News targetted for Chicago financial, media, entertainment, business, etc. Free Email for businesses (still in progress) Local Advertising Dining and Restaurant directory Business Directory Jobs Forums (still in progress) and more in the pipeline. If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know send email to support @ or post your comments here. To see our project in progress, please visit Online Portal for Travel and Local Guides. Urban Word minimum offer to consider $6500 or your best offer to sell this brandable domain name. Enom Technology Partner (ETP), easy push to your account. meaning1: to club a stupid seal!! ex. when u r mad at a seal and u twab it meaning2: A contraction of the words twat and scab. ex. Don't be such a bleeding twab. meaning3: a group of AWESOME people ex. im gonna go on a hike with that twab cuz theyre so cool Payment Terms: Verified Paypal +3% fees or Bank Wire Transfer or Escrow +transaction fees. For all question related to this domain, please send email to EMIL @ KING.NET Thank you.

GEO domains .TV the next money maker.

I would like to share Steve's ( ) thought about the .TV domain name as potential money maker. .TV owners are in a great position as the internet continues to manifest. Patience is a very hard virtue to embrace. My advice to all who invest in domains is to stay the course and embrace your beliefs without allowing individuals to manipulate them. Listen and learn from individuals, but do not allow yourself to abandon your “gut feeling” or what you believe in, unless it is just plain foolish. In the end, those who stay the course will reap the biggest rewards. continue reading the article here:

October 2008 Registry Fee

Another domain registration increase folks, email I received from Tucows newsletter today. ----- Verisign, the registry operator for .com and .net domain names,recently announced that beginning on October 1, 2008 , the registry fee for .com and .net domain names will increase. The registry fee for .com domain names will rise from $6.42 to $6.86 and the registry fee for .net domain names will increase from $4.60 to $4.98 . Please note, this price increase comes from the registry and not from Tucows (or your registrar). The $0.20 ICANN fee and the Tucows Management Fee remain unchanged. Because the current contract between ICANN and the various domainregistries allows registries to increase their prices a few more timeswithin the upcoming years, you should expect to see more domain nameprice increases in the future. To avoid the October price increase, consider renewing your domain names now and encouraging your customers to do the same. Multi-year renewals and new registrations that is forsale

I'm looking to sell one of my favorite domain name to raise some cash. The domain name is ideal to any database administrators, consulting, webmaster, internet service provider and other services. For quick sale, BIN is $4000 or best offer . Registered through Enom Technology Partner (ETP) so easy push to your enom account. Payment Terms :Verified Paypal payment or Escrow + transaction fees. Please send email to EMIL @ KING.NET for inquiry or post your offer here. Thank you is forsale

I'm looking to sell one of my favorite domain name to raise some cash. The domain name is ideal to any database administrators, consulting, webmaster, internet service provider and other services. For quick sale, BIN is $4000 or best offer . Registered through Enom Technology Partner (ETP) so easy push to your enom account. Payment Terms :Verified Paypal payment or Escrow + transaction fees. Please send email to EMIL @ KING.NET for inquiry or post your offer here. Thank you Domain Name Registration for $8.88/year

NeedName.Com sells domain name registrations with a premium service set all included in the discount price of the registration. You will find our domain names and services to be one of the best values around. Low cost of ownership managing your domain name portfolio at $8.88/year for .com .net .org .biz. us .info and more domain extension available. This means that you can manage most of your domains in a single console. Start your own .TV Social Networking site, comes free with every .TV domain registration with . Domain name is a great investment that increase value year after year. Protect your business brands, drive traffic to your business, or just protecting your business identity.

KING.NET $10 Million or more in year 2015.

Will you believe me when I say KING.NET will value US$10 Million or more after year 2015? As I continue to use this domain to introduce and conduct businesses I keep receiving offers. Well not enough to consider it. As I posted last April 2 ( ), you will only get my attention when you offer me at a minimum US$ 3 Million to start the negotiation. This is not including escrow transaction fees. It is just around the budget when last auction ended at US$ 1.15 Million bid. If you use google search engine, it will produce 175,000,000 results for "pizza" while "king" return 538,000,000. As expected, a lot of domain investors doesn't believe that .net version of will not sell close to 15% which is US$390K at least. The posted bid for is US$1.15 Million this is 44.23% as compare to Of course after the confirmation of sale. Based on this record sale, KING.NET is just around the

After, next is

The domain name highest bid is US$2,605,000.00 the original owner is Christopher Clark. The current whois record as of today April 13, 2008 still pointing to his information. The transfer of domains to the winning bid still not complete. The Clark Family ATTN: PIZZA.COM c/o Network Solutions P.O. Box 447 Herndon, VA 20172-0447 570-708-8780 Record expires on 16-Jun-2012. Record created on 17-Jun-1994. Here's the history of auction and the final bid: Now the owner of tried to cash in with the popularity of "Hot" sale. So it was listed in and the winning bid at US$1,150,000.00 . If the bid is confirm, the will be the highest sale for .net domain extension as of year 2008. The most expensive recorded .net sales are SEX.NET for US$454,500 in a 2006 Traffic Auction and PORN.NET for US$400,000 just this year. As we monitor this sal

Web.Nu and Info.Nu in auction again?

I am monitoring these two premium .NU domain names and It is currently listed for auction in with current bid as of today. I saw and were listed in auction last November 2007. I blog the results here as part of my research for .NU current sales: Continue reading the article: Share your thought.

Advertise with us!

Showcase your company products and services to the world. Click the image to see in full view. My.KING.NET Advertising Space: We are now accepting advertising space here at My.KING.NET website. You will be able to see your ad in every pages of My.KING.NET website. This is a great exposure to your business products and service offering. The ad space is first comes first serve, no rotations for full exposure of your ad campaign. Top Header - Header Ad (728x90) 1 ad space, SOLD OUT. Ad Space 1 - Banner Ad (468x60) 1 ad space, 1 spot available $495.95/month. Ad Space 2 - Box Ad (300x250) 3 ad spaces, 1 spot available $495.95/month. Ad Space 3 - Box Ad (125x125) 6 ad spaces, 3 spots available $250.95/month. Ad Space 4 - Text Ad - Your Website URL + 75 characters for only $19.95/month. Please use the Buy Now button to add your website today. We sold 3 ad spaces, 17 spots available. Ad Space 5 - Box Ad (160x600) 1 spot available $295.95/month. Please send Paypal paym

My Portfolio

Here's a short list of my online properties, continously developing and expanding for more. Check it out. KING.NET my favorite DOKS.COM Health Directory GEO Projects for Local Guide: continuous development Jersey.TV Michigan.TV visit and join our community. Fairfax.TV Travel Websites: NorthAmerica.NET book your travel, vacations package, hotels and air, last minute deals, etc. currently looking for more Travel Agent. If you are interested, please visit for details. I recommend that you watch the Compensation 101 to learn how to make money being a travel agent. And when you're ready to join, go to to Join Today! Please send email ( EM @ KING.NET ) or call me when you need assistance. European domains: Business.NU Loan.NU Premium domain for Asian market: V6.CN Career.CN CANDY.COM.CN CASH.PH updating... As you can see, I've invested in other domain extension as

Why Domain Forum is FREE ONLY access?

Knowledge is shared by everyone, no one own this information as we continue to learn this business. Why pay for something you can find through search engine ? It doesn't make any sense. Here in we are committed to provide a FREE ONLY community. Learn the business and share your knowledge to new comers. Remember you're not born with this idea, you learn it from someone else and return this favor to all newbies. That's the right thing to do. Please join domain community. I dedicated this forum to all newbie, webmaster and entrepreneurs starting to learn this business. Starting sharing your ideas or post your questions. Original post here:, and other 4 letters forsale.

This is a package sale for premium 4 letters domain name for a limited time offer only. PABX.US Asking price is $5,000 package sale estimated $500 per domain name, a big discount. Individual domain available for $1,500 each. Payment Terms: Bank Wire Transfer or Verified Paypal +3% fees or Escrow +fees. Thank you.

Business.NU is now LIVE

Finally Business.NU is now a website/blog to introduce .NU businesses that provide products and services.We need "YOU" to help us improve this website. We want "YOU" to be part of this project and grow with us. Become one of our authors, publishers or supporters. continue reading: has acquired domain name. is a privately owned Internet Media Portal acquired the GEO domain name today. As we continue to expand our services to reach local consumers, we continue to look for GEO domain names related to our past acquisitions such as , , , etc. If you have any related GEO domain names, please post it here or send email to EMIL @ KING.NET and I will reply to you as soon as possible. Visit website. Thank you.

AMP! from Yahoo!

Yahoo! will change the way you monetize your website. Instead of plogging this new advertising management platform from Yahoo! please watch the video preview of AMP! Here's the link: I'm just hoping that they introduce this service to the world not just North America. Hopefully the added "geographic" targetted advertising will do the job. Let's wait for Q3 2008 launch of AMP! from Yahoo!

Advertising.PH is now live

I would like to introduce another service Advertising.PH to cater local businesses in Philippines market. The idea is to provide low cost advertising for entrepreneurs and small business to market their services and/or products. To expand our business, we also purchased Ads.PH currently redirect to Advertising.PH website. The website still ongoing development, but we are are ready to serve. Visit Advertising.PH today! Thank you. domain for Health related website

I've already close a deal for domain name, congrats to the new owner. Moving forward, another health related domain name is available forsale ... Asking price is $6000 or best offer I can get. This is a limited time offer only while is not develop. We intend to develop our domain porfolio to increase value in online advertising and other form of marketing. This is your a chance to buy it today at fair market value. Payment Terms: Bank Wire Transfer or Escrow (plus transaction fees). If you have any question, please post your comment here or send email to EMIL @ KING.NET with your complete name, contact information e.g. mobile, and I will get in touch with you asap. Thank you.

Subscribe with us @KING.NET

As entreprenuer you need to reach other businesses out there. Thanks to the power of Internet now you can reach them Globally without bounderies. You can easily deliver your message regarding your products and/or services whether you buy or sell it. So, we have it here. All you have to do is add your email address to subscribe (upper right-hand corner) and choose how you want it deliver to you via email (most accepted), instant messaging, skype, etc. Ofcourse un-subscribing is always easy task. Why subscribe? To expand your business reach, introduce your brands, meet your prospective clients, improve your services, business networking, stay up to date, etc. Thank you and enjoy your visit. is forsale.

I'm posting it here forsale for one day sale only. I will accept next highest offer that I will receive. The domain is registered through Enom Technology Partner (ETP). I can transfer this to your account quickly so you can use it after your payment. You don't have to wait for days. Payment Terms: Paypal Verified (+ 3% paypal fees) or Bank Wire Transfer. I have a existing offer for domain name for $2010. The asking sale price is $6000 fair value. Great opportunity to develop this domain name to a one stop-shop portal. Pending Sale ... Thank you.

Premium dot SC is forsale.

I have a couple .SC domain name extension available forsale. This a premium keywords that you can use for a new project, easy to remember and a short URL in your business card. DATE.SC great for social networking project WIN.SC easy to remember website, more you can come up of idea. Payment Terms: Verified Paypal (+ 3% fees) or Bank Wire Transfer These domains are forsale for only $2,500 each or your best offer. Please send email to EMIL @ KING.NET for any question. Thank you.

Niagara Falls NY Visit

I just want to share some pictures from Niagara Falls NY taken some time off to relax from a week long hard work. Picture of my beloved family. With my mom And of course the view of Niagara Falls from NY side. Cheers and keep on checking our forsale page to get your next domain name for your client, business or for another project website/service. Here's the link again Thank you.


This is a very interesting morning for me today. I checked my domain portfolio and one of my domain name is expired since last March 16, 2008. So 20 days past due after the expiration. I'm not worried as I thought that I have 30 days before going to redemption period. Well, I logged in and check my domains so I can renew it today. Whooh! I don't see my precious HOSTAGE.TV (^_^) domain name in my godaddy account. So I called their customer service and I have to wait 8-10 minutes before someone is ready to address my issue. I found out that after 12 days of expiration date, your domain name will go to "redemption period". I'm not sure if this is nogodaddy only policy or standard redemption period for all .TV registrar. I have to pay the redemption fees of $80 + $39.99 renewal. This is why my HOSTAGE.TV domain name is precious. So what I've learned today? If you have a .TV domain name in godaddy, renew sooner or transfer out early. Check  Enom Tech is available forsale for limited time offer.

Here's another premium domain ( ), very brandable and received traffics to start a good project. I'm not selling base on traffic anyway. The sale is a combination of .com and .net domain name, with active social networking community. To all interested party, please start your offer at $135K . BIN not ready. Registered through Enom Technology Partner (ETP), easy push to your existing enom account. Payment Terms: Bank Wire Transfer or Escrow + transaction fees. Please note, this offer is only valid for 1 month. All inquiry, please send EMIL @KING.NET. Thank you.

KING.NET is forsale?

"KING.NET is forsale ?", that's the question. I received many offers from $10,000, $15,000, $25,000, $75,000 and more, but not close enough for me to decide to sell it. Let's try $3 Million, you will have my attention. Kidding aside, this is my business and not available for low ball offer. I have other online business properties available forsale and this makes my late night schedule packed. No happy hours left for me. I have forsale, Jobs.NU , etc. If you are interested to see other online properties forsale, check this out: I finally find some time to address this issue so I will not get this low ball offer again. Thank you, EM @ KING.NET Development

If you are the owner of domain/website, what will be your first agenda to improve your website to invite your visitors and advertisers? I found a potential strategic partners to increase revenue of GEO projects, not only dependent to Google Adsense earning. I will share this later on this blog so other geopreneurs will benefits or increase their revenue. While I'm building networks and finding strategic partners to improve our $ earning. Please don't hesitate to send me email to EMIL @ KING.NET for your feedback or suggestions. You may also post your comments here.