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Steve Jobs stepping down as CEO of Apple

We had 5.8magnitude earthquake last Tuesday August 23, 2011 here in Virginia, and aftershock of 4.5 magnitude today . The business world had one too, Apple CEO Steve Jobs resigns. In a statement, Steve Jobs said he was stepping down as chief executive of Apple, effectively immediately. He recommends Tim Cook as his successor. Source:

VA Earthquake

Very weird feeling at first, then started to panic a little bit :). We had a 5.8 magnitude here in Virginia, a strongest earthquake to hit Virginia since 1897. I started calling my wife and kids, no cell signal for the first 10-15 minutes, but able to talked to them. This is the same experience according to my friends here in Virginia. An excellent suggestion from a co-worker to setup a point of contact in case of emergency (or just in case of family plan according to website), where my family will report to me by all means possible e.g. phone call, emails, or sms. So everyone will get an update. To learn on how to setup your just-in-case family plan, visit website.