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Premium Domains with new owners.

I have some premium domain names that I'm watching in recent "drop" auction month of January 2008, due to time and budget I was not able to secure them. Here's the list and it's new owners. 01/04/2008 $11,000 Creation date: 10 Nov 1997 05:00:00 01/08/2008 $48,900 Registrant:Ari Goldberger, Esq Record created on 29-Nov-1994 01/14/2008 $4,600 Registrant:Kubba, Ammar Thought Convergence, Inc. Record created on 06-Dec-1999 01/19/2008 $2,400 Registrant:borck, lon Record created on 14-Oct-1999 01/19/2008 $8,900 Registrant:Kubba, Ammar Thought Convergence, Inc. Record created on 10-Dec-1997 01/19/2008 $1,900 Registrant:Vinsencius, Kim Starscape Group S.L. Record created on 11-Dec-1999 01/21/2008 $1,610 Name Administration Inc. Creation date: 14 Dec 1998 05:00:00 01/22/2008 $1,310 Registrant:Kaplan, Harvey HLK Enterprises,Inc. Record cre

Attorney's Advice - No Charge

I normally don't forward messages received from email but this one is a practical way to protect your identity just in case someone stole your wallet. By the way, don't forget to share this to your family and friends. ATTORNEY'S ADVICE - NO CHARGE Read this and make a copy for your files in case you need to refer to it someday. Maybe we should all take some of his advice! A corporate Attorney sent the following out to the employees in his company. 1.. Do not sign the back of your credit cards. Instead, put "PHOTO ID REQUIRED." 2.. When you are writing checks to pay on your credit card Accounts, DO NOT put the complete accou nt number on the "For" line. Instead, just put the last four numbers The credit card company knows the rest of the number, and anyone who might be handling your check as it passes through all the check processing channels won't have access to it. 3.. Put your work phone # on your checks instead of your home Phone. If you have a PO

The first known 100+ .TV registered domains

I continue to do my research covering the first 100+ registered domain names for .TV extension. This is just a preview of what you should see once I complete my research. Before you continue reading this topic, you might be interested the first 2 articles: 1. First 100 .COM registered domain names - 2. Oldest .ORG .EDU and .NET registered domain names Here's how to read the document: .TV domain name - Registered by - New or Same Owner - Status Jodi Honer xxxxxx[email protected] New York, NY USA - same owner 7/31/2000 - parking J. Heighton [email protected] Ventura, CA USA brett moffitt 3/7/2007 parking [email protected] London, UK 13 Stella Wang 6/29/2007 parking Boogie TV LLC [email protected] Livingston, NJ USA CyberTavern LLC [email protected] 11/8/2001 parking Boogie TV LLC i

Curious to know the personal asset of the next US President.

I'm watching CNN with our US Presidential candidates and for some reasons I wonder how much money they make each year. So I went to search the net and stumble the articles posted by Marlys Harris for CNN Money Magazine. Here are their summarize version of their personal assets. Hillary Clinton Cash and bonds $30.1 million Life Insurance $140,000 Retirement Funds $33,000 Alternative investments $248,000 Houses $5.9 million Mortgages $1.5 million Credit line $65,000 NET WORTH $34.9 million 2006 income $12.1 million John Edwards Hedge fund investments $24.0 million Cash and fixed income $20.1 million Retirement plans $1.4 million Trust for children $147,000 Rentral property $1.9 million Houses $8.5 million Liabilities $1.6 million NET WORTH $54.7 million 2006 income $3.7 million Rudoplh Giuliani Business $15.0 million Cash $12.9 million Stock $8.0 million Fixed income $6.8 million Real estate $175,000 New York City apartment $5.3 million Hamptons home $4.0 million NET WORTH $52.2 mill

Oldest .org .edu and .net domain names.

A few days ago I stumbled the first 100 registered domain name in .com extension so I'm curious to find out the oldest domain in .org .net and .edu extensions. Here's what I've discovered from wikipedia. Rank Date of registration URL 1. 10-Jul-85 MITRE.ORG 2. 25-Mar-86 SRC.ORG 3. 10-Jul-86 SUPER.ORG 5. 07-Jan-87 AERO.ORG 6. 15-Jan-87 MCNC.ORG 7. 02-Apr-87 RAND.ORG 8. 04-Apr-87 MN.ORG 9. 01-May-87 RTI.ORG 11. 14-Jul-87 USENIX.ORG 13. 03-Sep-87 SOFTWARE.ORG Rank Date of registration URL 1. 24-Apr-1985 BERKELEY.EDU 2. 24-Apr-1985 UCLA.EDU 3. 23-May-1985 MIT.EDU 4. 27-Jun-1985 HARVARD.EDU 5. 05-Jul-1985 COLUMBIA.EDU 6. 15-Jul-1985 CORNELL.EDU 7. 18-Jul-1985 UIUC.EDU 8. 24-Jul-1985 UDEL.EDU 9. 31-Jul-1985 UMD.EDU 10. 13-Aug-1985 UTEXAS.EDU 11. 20-Aug-1985 USC.EDU 12. 30-Sep-1985 WISC.EDU 13. 30-Sep-1985 UCI.EDU 14. 04-Oct-1985 STANFORD.EDU 15. 07-Oct-1985 UMICH.EDU 16. 09-Dec-1985 UCSD.EDU 17. 23-Jan-1986 ARIZONA.EDU 18. 21-Feb-1986 UCSF.EDU 19. 03-Mar-1986 INDIANA.EDU 20. 19-Ma

Michigan.TV is now live

Michigan.TV is now officially live "Your own local video channel". This is one of my project to build a FREE Internet TV posted by users and maintain by it's own local community. In Michigan.TV you will be able to watch FREE video on your own computer, whenever you like it. And if the video is not available in our database, use our simple "search" video to find it from Youtube, Yahoo Video, Google Video, Revver, Metacafe, DailyMotion, Veoh, ClipSyndicate, and many other video source. Major advantages of using Michigan.TV Video Sharing Community: You will be able to maintain your own video network from one to many source. Easy upload of video. Simple search using other video source. Showcase your own video and let your local friends find you. Local reviews by members within your neighborhood. Be your own movie maker. Introduce your video network to your local school. Email subscription to keep you posted. FREE to use. Please introduce us to your friends,

The first 100 domain names

I have some old domain names registered as early as year 1995 e.g. KING.NET , CITYWARE.COM , INXNET.COM , etc., but not close to year 1985 where the first 100 domains were registered. Now after 20+ years, these domain names range from US$500,000.00 to $10,000,000.00 in domain market. Here are the list courtesy by Gene ( ) known in Namepros community: The first 100 .com domain names: 03/15/1985 SYMBOLICS.COM 04/24/1985 BBN.COM 05/24/1985 THINK.COM 07/11/1985 MCC.COM 09/30/1985 DEC.COM 11/07/1985 NORTHROP.COM 01/09/1986 XEROX.COM 01/17/1986 SRI.COM 03/03/1986 HP.COM 03/05/1986 BELLCORE.COM 03/19/1986 IBM.COM 03/19/1986 SUN.COM 03/25/1986 INTEL.COM 03/25/1986 TI.COM 04/25/1986 ATT.COM 05/08/1986 GMR.COM 05/08/1986 TEK.COM 07/10/1986 FMC.COM 07/10/1986 UB.COM 08/05/1986 BELL-ATL.COM 08/05/1986 GE.COM 08/05/1986 GREBYN.CO M08/05/1986 ISC.COM 08/05/1986 NSC.COM 08/05/1986 STARGATE.COM 09/02/1986 BOEING.COM 09/18/1986 ITCORP.COM 09/29/1986 SIEMENS.COM 10/18/1986 PYRAMID.COM 1

JOBS.NU and BILL.NU domain names are forsale

We are selling JOBS.NU (US$75,000.00) and BILL.NU (US$50,000.00) domain names for a limited time offer. This is good for jobs/career, banking website or other financial related services. If you are interested, please send me email (support @ Here are the list of previous sales in Sedo auction last November 28, 2007: - $68,850 - $35,890 - $30,030 malmö.nu - $12,452 - 9,668 - $9,375 - $7,471 - $7,471 - $7,471 - $5,347 - $4,761 - $4,541 - $4,175 - $3,735 - $3,223 - $3,223 - $3,005 - $2,344 - $2,271 - 1.904 - $1,685 - $1,685 - $1,538 - $1,538 - $1,538 - $820 - $615 - $454 The domain name value will continue to increase, year after year. Sometime soon you will be looking to spend 6-7 figures for a premium keywords .NU domain names. The selling price is SOLD for $750,000

I'm reading Rick Schwartz blog today and found out his sale for to CNN and got some interesting thought to share with you. The domain name sold for $750,000. $750k is a stepping stone. What it does is take what we do from theory to reality. When we look back at this sale in 10 years, people will say it was cheap and should have been sold for 10x that number. It's a stepping stone because sometime soon it will be unusual for any good domain to sell for under 7 figures. Then 8 figures. We are entering the period of time where we will see some significant domain sales. Domain Appraisal is worthless according to Traffic founder Rick Schwartz: If domainers want to be FOOLS and keep selling for "X", I will keep saying that domainers are leaving a FORTUNE on the table and don’t understand the anatomy of a great domain name. Maybe this will blow the lid off all the appraisals services. They are ALL WORTHLESS. Absolutely worthless. Not a single one has

New home for EMIL.KING.NET

Hello to everyone, This is to inform you that we have a new home, new mailing list, new template and; neat tools to keep you posted and interact with fellow entrepreneurs. This website (blog) is now powered by courtesy by google. The main reason of moving from dedicated hosting to google hosting service is to eliminate server administration on my long list of daily routine. Without server administration, I will be able to allocate my time to manage our projects, advertising and marketing services, buying more domains, be able to respond on some emails on a timely manner, etc. Transitioning documents, this will be a slow process as I intend to re-upload only 3 months old articles useful to some of you. For the mean time, please peruse the website and don't hesitate to let me know if you have any good feedback (^_^). Just in case you want to see our old website, it is right here: Cheers for now, Emil @KING.NET

Investing in .TV domain name (Part2/2)

This is the 2nd part of Investing in .TV Domain Name article. If you haven't read the 1st part yet, I highly recommend that you read it first so you can see the potential value of .TV domain extension. I will introduce some tools that you can use for your .TV domain names if you don't have the time to develop it. The solution I will discuss here is just another way to maximize the revenue of your .TV portfolio. Use a FREE service to make money for your .TV portfolio. Tool #1 . The service is FREE and easy to customize. We have some GEO .TV domain names that are using to share, upload and watch video/photos. For some live .TV websites, see examples below: - this automatically search the internet using the keyword(s) that I've assigned during setup. You can schedule the search every 3 days or 5 days or 7 days. - similar approach with Belgium.TV but this search more cities in New Jersey and New York. So th

Investing in .TV domain name (Part1/2)

If you missed the .COM domain name business in the mid 1995's or early 2000's, well it's not too late to join this 2 billion dollar industry as reported in Fox News (The Domain Name Business is Real) . Though registering a good .COM or .NET .ORG domain name extension is now a challenge. Most terms, words, keywords or street language in Webster Dictionary are all gone, probably own by individuals or in domain name business. Let me show you how you can join this business with starting $8 to $100 dollar capital. I worked in Information Technology field as Manager/Consultant by day and domainer by night. So when I try to register a domain name, it something to do with Information Technology, Networking, Security, Helpdesk Operations and other IT related keywords. This is where I start building my own portfolio, from 1 domain name in 1999 to approximately 1300 domain names this year; and hoping to own 10,000+ domain name before ending year 2015. For some readers, my forecast of

Where to register a domain name?

When you google "how to register a domain name", it will provide you millions of results. So, this article is just a summary of what you should look for a domain name registration services. Here's the list of low cost domain ownership: straight forward domain registration and powered by Enom. My first choice as we partnered with for years already. low cost of domain name ownership and web hosting 24x7 customer service available. also powered by Enom. this is my second choice for low cost registration. holder of .com and .net registration but so expensive is also ok but not cheap compare to the first 3 registrar. All other domain name registration services trying to get your business, so check out the following information when you register a domain name. easy to manage your domain(s) using a singl

Increase your revenue, become a Reseller

Are you a, Entrepreneur? Managing your own business? or Self-Employed? Do you have a backup plan "source of income"? If any of the questions relate to you, this opportunity will be able to provide you additional income. Become a reseller of domain name, where you can sell and provide domain name registration services at wholesale price. You will be able to create your own subreseller network, become a " one stop shop " for web services and e-commerce service. The domain name business is for everyone e.g. employees, mom working from home, entrepreneurs, marketing agencies, corporate marketing, web design agencies, domain brand marketing, domain investor, students and maybe your boss. You never know who belong in this business, some people earning from US$1000 to US$100,000 a month depending on how you approach and manage the business. This article is to give you idea on how you can make additional income and slowly step out of the rat race. If you don't kn