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Wav Players for Android Smart Phones

You need to install an APP for you to listen to a wav file using Android smart phones. Unlike iPhone, you can play/listen to your voice message wav files without additional app installation. It took a while for me to figure out which APP to install from Google Play store, they have hundreds of wav related apps to try but none actually work unless you buy the Pro or paid version. Google Play needs to check on these apps, very misleading introduction.  Anyway, in Google Play Store search for "Remote Wave Free" by Yongtao Wang. I installed and tested listening to a voice message saved in wav file. Here you go I saved you 15-30 minutes of searching and testing. Hope this help.

My friends stop posting?

This is the first time I've got this message using Facebook, so I guess the users utilization is high at this time. I thought Facebook is fading away ... maybe just a another day. Hey! it's Friday.