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Beat the heat this summer buy yourself and your family a Smart Phone Mini Fan.

Beat the heat this summer buy yourself and your family a Smart Phone Mini Fan. You can use this Mini Fan using your iPhones, iPad or any Android Phones. 1 Package include 6 different colors (Green, Black, Blue, White, Orange and Pink). MINIFAN SUMMER ESSENTIAL . Smart Phones Powered Portable Fan. Best cooling fan solution in hot summer. Low noise with low power consumption. SAFE AND EASY TO CARRY . Model is made of TPE environmental protection material. Mini design, ultra-quiet and strong wind. SUITABLE FOR ANY SMART PHONES . Suitable for many kinds of Apple devices, iPhone SE / 6 / 6S Plus / 5 / 5S / iPod Touch 5, iPad, Samsung, Tablets and other Android smart phones. DURABLE MINIFAN . The motor speed can reach 16000RPM, 100 hours continuous working hours at maximum. 2 in 1 MINIFAN . It is the most popular Smart Phones (iPhone and Samsung) accessories this summer. BRAND NEW  with 1-year limited warranty. Technical Specifications: Input : 5V Item Weight 3.5 ounces Produ

HOWTO Fix Windows Updated Error Code 8024402C - SOLVED

If you're managing  Windows Servers 2012 R2  and having issue running the  Automatic Windows Update  continue reading it might help you and save you time searching for a solution. I check my servers every week to make sure all security updates is applied to keep my servers protected against malicious users. Wham! the windows automatic updates are not working and an error occurred showing  Error Code 8024402C  as depicted below. KING.NET.WindowsUpdateError.8024402C This is actually a quick fix if you know where to look.  Here's how to . 1st step , run regedit and go to  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate\AU and update the value of  UseWUServer from 1 to 0 . KING.NET.Windows.Regedit Double click on UseWUServer and change the  value to 0 . 2nd Step , restart windows update service. Run  Services.msc KING.NET.WindowsUpdate.RestartService That's all. Now run  Windows Update  again to check for security updates.

Office 365 Generic MX Records retired by KING.NET

I wrote a step-by-step procedure on how to  Scan-to-Email using Office 365 SMTP  setting last August 2014. Read it here - . Today, the generic  is no longer accepting SMTP connection to send email. Don't worry, it's a simple fix and it should be your correct configuration anyway. Login to your  Office 365 portal  as an Administrator, go to  Admin center preview . Click  Settings  then  Domains . Under domain name, click your company domain name. For example, I click our company domain e.g. . In Exchange Online, you will see your MX record that point to  record. The SMTP server format should be  [hardworking-com]  , replacing hardworking-com with your company domain name. After that, go to your Printer admin console and update your SMTP record. To make it simple, please see a captured screen of my updated printer configuration. After updati

HOWTO Install and setup OneDrive for Business Next Generation Sync Client in Windows

Microsoft silently rolled out  OneDrive for Business Next Generation Sync Client  for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7. I said silent roll out because I missed this some how. I've learned about it when some of my users started having sync problem using their files on OneDrive or SharePoint. By the way just a friendly reminder, the free upgrade to Windows 10 is until  July 29, 2016 . There is no reason not to upgrade to Windows 10. Things to check first ... If you're using Windows 10 or Office 2016, you probably have OneDrive client on your workstation. You can skip to Step 2 below. Search " onedrive " to check if you have it. You should see a OneDrive Desktop app. Install and Setup Install the Windows version of the  new OneDrive for Business sync client . It's a simple process to install. You don't need to restart your computer. In the task bar navigation area, right-click the white  OneDrive  cloud icon and select  Settings