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Staying Positive through a Tough Economy

Guest Post (2009, As we are all aware, the global financial system has brought many world economies into a recession which is affecting many businesses small and medium businesses. Let BuyDomains share with you some tips intended to help you ride through these challenging economic and come out a stronger business than before. Think positive — "Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier" — Colin Powell. If you believe that achieving your success goals is impossible due to the economy — then you will most likely make this happen. Let your positive thoughts be the guide to your actions and you will succeed. Keep your marketing wheels in motion — cutting costs is a necessity during a weak economy, but beware of where you cut them. Studies show that companies, who stick to their marketing plans, come out stronger when the economy turns. Leverage the power of the internet — Are you selling products or services from your website? Can you expand sales through other c offers two-factor authentication as added layer of security. offers another layer of security to protect their customer using Verisign Identity Protection (VIP) Services . The two-factor authentication is something you know (username and password) and something you have (device) to access your information. This is an excellent move by management to help protect their customers domain portfolio. The service is called NameSafe . Yes, it is a service that you need to pay for $19.95 per year. The security device will cost you $5 one time fee. Once you receive your security device (or credential as they call it), you need to register your device Serial ID and follow the instruction. You will be done in under 10 minutes. What do you expect with this NameSafe service? Better security protecting your domain names. Self-learning fraud detection. You can use this device (credential) to any VIP Network members. Though you have to check the cost to use this service with other VIP Network. See here who's in VIP Network Member

How to setup your Exchange Email using your iPhone

Here's a simple guide to setup your work Exchange email (Exchange Server 2003/2007) to your iPhone. This is using IMAP Secure to connect to the Exchange Server. For the Incoming Mail Server: Host Name: ; where is my test exchange server. Username: hardworking/jdoe ; where hardworking is my Active Directory domain and jdoe is my test account. Password: your network password Outgoing Mail Server: SMTP: ; where the is the outgoing mail server provided here in the USA, maybe a different mail server from other countries where iPhone service providers support. In Advance, Incoming Settings Use SSL: ON Server Port: 993 If you're having problem configuration your iPhone, please post your comment here or join me at community.

Another excellent Network Management Tools

Guest post by Elisabeth Buford of In September 2008, PacketTrap Networks launched Perspective, providing network discovery, moni­toring, and alerting including traffic flow (NetFlow, Sflow / J-Flow), VoIP and wireless modules; application monitoring; policy-based remediation; and advanced visualization and reporting. Perspective is fully integrated with all the tools available in the pt360 product suite (i.e., Cisco configuration management, switch port mapping, traffic generator, scanning utilities, etc.). With a next-generation visual interface, Perspective provides drag-and-drop dashboard functionality and a single pane of glass for tasks which typically have network engineers flipping between multiple screens and applications. Perspective contains both a thin-client and a browser-based interface. Key Benefits The following are the key benefits of PacketTrap Perspective. It’s simple – load and go. Perspective’s “time to productivity” is very short. The solution takes

Network Management Software for Small Business

I'm looking for a cost-effective Network Management tools to check my local network to see who's slowing my network. So the business needs is to show the summary of my network traffic from network to network, pc to pc, and pc to server traffic. I know I can use Cisco network management tools but the price is not gear for a small budget like my network. So I trim down my selection between Solarwinds ( ) and IPSwitch Whats Up Gold ( ) network products. For this test, I will use the free real-time Network Traffic Analyzer from Solarwinds. Hoping this will be enough to manage my small network. Hey! we're small business, we need to keep our operating cost low to stay in the business. [Update] You need access to your Cisco router or switch to be able to run the Network Traffic Analyzer. For more robust version of Network Traffic Analyzer, Solarwinds Orion Network tools fit the bill. You can get this tool for as low as $1,495 su

The Rich Neighbor: Affiliate Program Invitation is SPAM?

I've posted comment in Sahar's blog about the "The Rich Neighbor" is using his domain name just like this one today. I've received 2 or more already. Well, I've included the source email address in my spam list. I don't remember ==== Dear, I am the creator of the very popular domain investing course from . At the present time I am browsing the web trying to find good matches to help promote my new course and I came across your website which I feel is a perfect match. My course is designed to help any internet user create hundreds or even thousands of residual income streams through domain name investments. The course can help absolutely anyone create more traffic to a current website or even make huge money simply parking and acquiring new domains. My affiliate program is quickly becoming recognized as one of the Internets premier affiliate programs, as we have higher commission payouts tha

FREE Anti-Virus software for your home computer

Some of my friends had asked me about free anti-virus for their home or personal computer (a desktop or laptop). Well, they are in luck having friends like me working my entire life in Information Technology and know some anti-virus software freebies. from AVG from Avast from Avira You can use them freely for your personal or home use only. And if you knew some free anti-virus software, drop me a message em @ Cheers.

January 2009 Layoffs ... ouch!

I'm reading this article from, 57,732 layoffs in January 2009 . This is really bad for everyone. Here's some companies that will let go some of their employees. (2009, Jan. 21: Eaton (nyse: ETN - news - people ) brings total workforce reduction since the beginning of last year to 10% with 5,200-worker cut. Jan. 21: Warner Bros. Entertainment--a part of Time Warner (nyse: TWX - news - people )--cuts 10% (800) of its jobs. Jan. 20: Clear Channel Communications (nyse: CCU - news - people ) reduces workforce across the entire company by 9% accounting for 1,850 job losses. Jan. 20: Deere & Co. (nyse: DE - news - people ) dismisses 120 at Iowa plant. Jan. 16: ConocoPhillips (nyse: COP - news - people ) trims capital spending by 18%, writes off $34 billion and reduces workforce by 4% (1,300 jobs). Jan. 16: Hertz Global Holdings (nyse: HTZ - news - people ) sets out for worldwide restructuring in first quarter of 2009; cuts 4,000 jobs. Jan. 16: WellPoint (nys got its own Content Management Service (CMS)

One of my project  portal is to cover Washington DC local businesses, events and news, is now using Content Management System (CMS) provided by , so we can easily update the content of the website. The  portal will provide the information for Hotels, Dining, Tourist Activities and introduce local businesses to the community.  We are still updating our contents, please bear with us and take a peek of our new portal.   service provide hosting and management of the CMS, such as security update, templates designs, additional components or modules needed for our portal, and other CMS-related updates. This will help us focus to the business not on technology management.  About : is a information portal, Travel Guide and Resources for getting your Hotels, Air, Cruise, Ticket and Vacations packages, Top Destination in North America and other cities.

Google Ends Google Video Uploads and other services.

I've read this post today from , google ends their video services and concentrate on YouTube service. It makes sense anyway, Google own both video services. Google’s announced they’re closing or ceasing development of a variety of products as part of an already continuing move  to keep efforts focused on other products with greater usage. These include an end to video uploads to  Google Video , closure of  Google Catalog Search ,  Google Notebook ,  Dodgeball , the microblogging service  Jaiku  and the  Google Mashup Editor . Continue reading here at .

TRAFFIC Down Under Updates with Video

I've got this from Michael Gilmour blog ( ). Enjoy. TRAFFIC Down Under Updates Video footage of the sessions and keynote speakers from TRAFFIC Down Under are now available for viewing. Check out the Agenda for a full list of session descriptions and speakers. Day 1 Sessions Domain Strategy Industry Development Keynote Speaker: Paul Twomey - CEO of ICANN Law & Regulation Australian Domains Day 2 Sessions Acquiring Domains Web Development Keynote Speaker: Graeme Wood - Founder Monetization Alternatives Asset Sales * For streaming video playback help and troubleshooting, please refer to the Media Player Requirements or use Internet Explorer. Link:

2008 Annual Security Report

Guest Post from : I would like to share this message I've got from MessageLab today regarding their 2008 Annual Security Report. If you're not a customer, you will not be able to get the report but you may contact one of their Account Manager to provide you one. Below are some key points from the 2008 Annual Security Report: 90% of spam was distributed by botnets; the IT community took action which resulted in the takedown of two major botnets. Spammers managed to defeat the CAPTCHA security techniques of large, reputable web-based mail services. Targeted trojan attacks rose in 2008. Messagelabs intercepted 53 attacks per day in 2008 compared to 10 per day in 2007. We hope this report helps you better understand the threat landscape from 2008 and prepares you for the security hurdles that we will face in 2009. Visit (now owned by Symantec) website for details. Have a safe networking environment.