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Retiring AdSense for Domains

I've got an email today from Google Adsense to let me know that I have a 1200+ domains with them using the hosted domains, and they will stop serving ads. If you're a Hosted Domains customers, you will receive a similar emails from Google. By the way, the migration guide link is not working at this time when I checked. It's time to develop my 1200+ domains before March 21, 2012. === Hi, We’re contacting you because you’re using AdSense for Domains to monetize your undeveloped domains. After evaluating the benefits of our partner network, we’ve decided to retire the Hosted domains product within AdSense. Going forward, undeveloped domains will only be served through our existing AdSense for Domains distribution network. Our records show that 1239 of your Hosted domains will be affected by this upcoming change, which will follow the schedule below: March 21: You’ll no longer be able to create new Hosted domains April 18: Hosted domains will become inac

What's your .net idea?

Reserve your place on the Web. .NET is a place for big ideas and a small down payment on your dreams. Thousands of businesses have thrived with a .NET behind them, and more start here every day. Whatever you’re cooking up in that big, bad brain of yours, .NET can help you release into the wild. With .NET, you have access to one of the most recognized domain extensions on the Internet. When you register your .NET no goal, big or small, is beyond your reach. Why use .NET?  .NET is an online identity for your awesome idea  Peace of mind that comes with creating something you love on your own terms   Be part of an exclusive community of successful dreamers

Need a Floor Plan?

A friend is looking for a software to buy so he can create a house floor plan. I told him, just use the free version of . Glad I can help. Here's what the website tells you about the "Floorplanner is the easiest and best looking way to create and share interactive floor plans online. With simple drag and drop tools you can make accurate plans within minutes all on scale. Floorplanner BASIC is free for personal use. Our PLUS account offers more space if you need it." And if you're looking for an online editor, read this post .