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HOWTO Change the Outlook default Address List?

The Microsoft Outlook is default to show the Global Address List for contacts. The Global Address Lists is compose of all email address contacts e.g. users email address, company past and present consultants, partners, and vendors. Using Global Address List is the standard and acceptable configuration for Outlook, though you can change this setting. Here's how to change the "show address list first". In Outlook program, click on Tools , then Address Books . In Address Book, click Tools , Options . In Addressing, change the setting in "Show this address list first" from Global Address List to All Users . Click OK to complete. Short cut: Click Tools | Address Book , Tools | Options , Show this address list first. Every time you compose a new message, your default contact selection is "All Users". You can still see the Global Address List from the Address Book selection. Got a questions, post your comments here. Thank you.

Facebook secured connection

I just read from the Facebook blog  today, they will give you the option to connect to Facebook secured all the time using the SSL protocol. You will start seeing the HTTPS instead of the standard HTTP protocol to provide secured connection. Just like any online bank transaction. The advantage of having HTTPS while in Facebook is to block malicious people sniffing your Facebook password over the network or WIFI. As of writing this article, Firesheep is already out to sniff any unsecured website e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc. on the same network or WIFI. This is the similar approach in wardrive sniffing password for wireless network. I highly recommend that you use HTTPS when it's available to protect your password. You should be able to see this security feature from your Facebook Account Security settings. I'm hoping to see HTTPS enable to Twitter website all the time. We'll see.

WebCam Way to watch your stuff.

If you are looking for free service to monitor your house, garage, back yard, school, day care, or your pets. There is a free service courtesy by where you can "watch your stuff" where ever you go, and send you motion alert through your Email or SMS Text. Cool huh! Here's some of the FAQs I read from their website: How much does it cost? It is FREE, though they will offer a premium plan with unlimited alerts and archiving feature for a year. Can my camera be private? Yes. How to create an account? If you are a Facebook user, just login and you're ready to start. continue reading some FAQs here . And here some web cam that you can buy from Amazon website: Airlink SkyIPCam310 Power Over Ethernet POE Network IP Security Camera Axis 207W Wrls Network Camera Wireless 802.11G 30FPS In VGA Res Cisco-Linksys Wireless-N Internet Home Monitoring Camera D-Link DCS-920 Wireless-G Internet Camera Cisco WVC210 Wireless-G PTZ Internet Security Video Camera -w/

Verizon offers an iPhone

According to Verizon website, it begins 02.10.2011 to offer an iPhone. You can subscribe to the website to get the latest news about the availability of Verizon iPhone. As of writing this article, the FAQs and Getting Ready are still not accessible or simply flooded with traffic of curious users like me to get more details about the service. I hope Verizon will provide promotions to offer existing AT&T customer to move with free iPhone (yehey!) or 50% discount option for new customers. I like AT&T but they don't provide the wave signal I need while in Metro subway only selected (crowded) stations. I have 30-40 minutes commute one-way and this is perfect for Netflix to enjoy the ride. But I can't watch Netflix instant movies in the subway through AT&T fastest network :) I will consider the option of transferring to Verizon iPhone.

Facebook Valuation

Interesting post from about the Facebook valuation and I would like to share this to you folks. The picture graph provide a thousand words to fully explain their growth. Please click the image to see in full screen.

The World is Ending?

I received this email from a colleague regarding " The World is Ending " news feed ( ) where they showed places of dead animals for the last 10 days. Click the image to see the big picture and read the notes. Here's some news posted around the globe: 2 million dead fish found in Maryland. Dead birds in Sweden, approximately 500 red-winged blackbirds. 100,000 dead fish in Arkansas river, and 125 miles away 1000 dead birds that fell from the sky. A similar 100,000 news posted at MSNBC . Thousands of fish dead in Spruce Creek. Dead Fish wash up in Brazil and other news: The terrible flood waters in Australia. Victoria river mysteriously turns bright green . Well, it is just a prank , the river returned to it's usual color within an hour. Share your news!

The messaging interface has returned an unknown error. If the problem persists, restart Outlook.

" The messaging interface has returned an unknown error. If the problem persists, restart Outlook. " When I get this error when starting the MS Outlook program, I know I can fix this issue right away by rebuilding the Outlook profile of the user. Let me know if this is the same to you. Another Outlook misconfigured setup is " Can't contact LDAP Directory Server (81) ". If you are not using LDAP Directory Server for your exchange server, of course this is an obvious configuration error (maybe not). Here's how to correct your MS Outlook configuration ( KB 836205 ) Start Outlook, on the Tools menu, click E-mail Accounts. Under Directory, click View or change existing directories or Address Books, and click Next. Under Directories and Address Books box, click the LDAP address book that you want to remove (delete), and then click Remove. Finish Get out of Outlook, and restart again. Hope this  help, if you need additional assistance post your comment