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Anti-Virus Software

Some well known antivirus software that you can install to protect your workstation against malicious programs, spywares, and viruses.   Any of these antivirus softwares can protect your workstation, the key is to  keep them up to date daily (automatically).

Apple iPad2 set the tablets standard

The news is out about the Apple second generation tablets, the iPad2. Just in case you missed the product presentation of Steve Job, here's a summary for you. iBook 100 million books downloaded in less than a year, and Random House will be bringing their 17,000 books to the store. Apple just crossed 200 millions accounts with credit cards. Apple surpassed 2 billion dollars paid out to developers. This is a very high pay out and I want to jump in too. Apple shipped out 100million iPhones. 2010 was the year for iPad, sold 15 millions in 2010 between April to December. That's more than every tablet PC ever sold! Apple generated 9.5 Billion in revenue for 2010. iPad app store stats at 65,000, comparing to Android for 100. Steve Jobs introduced the all new design of iPad2 powered by a new chip the A5. The CPU is 2x faster, with graphics 9x faster. It's up for the game developer to fully utilize this new hardware for better gaming experience. continue reading at Industr

Apple Store is down

We just noticed that Apple Store is currently down, "We are busy updating the store for you and will be back shortly." Are you surprise? Check the Apple Store after the iPad2 announcement to order the device. I will definitely get one for myself. I enjoy the first generation of iPad, so I'm SOLD for iPad2.

March 2 - iPad2 Product Announcement today.

Just few hours away and we will see the 2nd generation of iPad. We will keep you posted.

iPhone users not able to sync with Exchange Server

This is a very rare scenario that one of your network user not able to sync emails through iPhone. Don't worry I already found the answer for you, save your 10-15 minutes surfing the Internet. Here's an example. The user was able to authenticate when you add the information (e.g. email address, server name, domain, username and password) to the iPhone Exchange Server configuration, but when you check the mail you only see the Inbox and nothing else. This is a permission issue. Here's how to correct this issue (2010, Technet Microsoft ). You need to check the inheritance for the user account. Open Active Directory Users and Computers . On the menu at the top of the console, click View > Advance Features . Locate and right-click the mailbox user account , then click Properties . Click the Security tab. Click Advanced . Make sure that the check box for "Include inheritable permission from this object's parent" is checked. If the user is a member of

How to configure a time server in a Windows Server environment

It took a while before I figured out the right combination to sync my network users to our Active Directory Here's a few tip for you to check before you configure your time server. Make sure that you allow NTP (port 123 Network Time Protocol) in your network to go out. Here's how to test if your server can communicate to the NTP outside your network. Open a command prompt (click Start, Run, type "CMD" [Enter]). In command prompt, type w32tm /monitor / [Enter]. It will return a xx ms delay. Then follow the step by step instruction from Microsoft website on how to configure the Windows Time service to use an external time source. Remember to restart your Windows Time service. In command prompt, type net stop w32time && net start w32time [Enter]. This will stop and restart the service. To tell a system's W32Time service to get it's time from the Active Directory. In command prompt, typ