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Credit Report – Hard vs soft credit pull

I’m looking for a Mortgage Lending company to loan me money so I can purchase a small house. So, I checked to give me some ideas. And one day, I received this email I guess one of their Newsletter regarding Credit Tips. “ Some vital info about your credit score ” and I think it is very useful to new home buyers like me. Soft pulls happen when you: Check your own score – you can do this often! It doesn’t affect your score! Get free loan offers Receive a loan pre-qualification Experience an employer background check Receive pre-approved credit card offers in the mail Get your LendingTree credit scores Won’t  – adversely affect your credit score Hard pulls happen when you apply for a: New credit card Home mortgage Auto Loan Refinance of your home mortgage Home equity line of credit Store credit card Checking or savings account Can   – lower your credit score by quite a few points What hurts your credit score the most. Multiple hard pulls over a - Decluttering Your Digital Life

I received this Friends Newsletter today from Department of Homeland Security and I think it is a very useful information to share. So here you go and I hope you find it useful as well. Start fresh this spring – online and offline. In addition to the traditional tasks on your spring cleaning list like tidying the closet and washing the windows, take time to create a “digital spring cleaning” list as well. What exactly does a “digital spring cleaning” entail? A digital spring cleaning means taking control of your digital life and the information that you share online. Similar to regular cleaning or tidying one’s home, it might seem like a daunting task at first. In reality, just a few simple steps can make a big difference in helping protect yourself online. The Department of Homeland Security recommends that you incorporate these cyber tips into your spring cleaning routine this year. Clean your machine.   Update the security software on all of your devices that connect to t

Professions Most Vulnerable to Cyber Hacks |

Whenever you are in a profession that deals with highly confidential subject matter, you are going to be just as highly vulnerable to leaks and hacks. Sometimes, this is nefarious in nature as there are those out there who would like to be privy to the ‘secret’ details in someone else’s life and sometimes those leaks are just for the sheer fun of it by a sick mind. Anyone in the field of social work or mental health will be vulnerable to these kinds of attacks because of the very nature of what it is they do. They deal with the thoughts and emotions of other human beings who may have been victimized in the past. For this reason, the following professions should take extra precautions to guard any data entered or stored on their computers. First – A Bit of Cyber Security Advice Before talking about a few of the professions most vulnerable to cyber hacks, it might be wise to give a bit of advice on how to keep your computers as secure as possible. It is suggested that you password p