Whaddya know how to create a Privacy Policy?

Posted by Support @ Whaddya.com On Friday, May 22, 2009
Just like other webmasters or publishers, you want to put up your own Privacy Policy to inform your visitor when they browse to your website. For corporate business, they have a legal department to create one for them easy. What about if you are an entrepreneurs or a small business owner managing your ecommerce website?

Well, here at KING.NET we provide answer to all (I think) the questions posted by our visitors. If we can't answer it direct, we search and consult other experts in the field. For this article regarding Privacy Policy, I found a sample that you can use right away provided by bbonline.org.

"A good privacy notice is easy to find, easy to read, and comprehensively explains all your online information practices. It also provides online visitors an opportunity to make informed decisions about the collection and use of their information. As part of good business practices, posting a notice is an important first step in defining your online policies and towards answering one of the major concerns (and barriers) voiced by web-users when going online.

A privacy notice is also a promise. As a promise, it is not enough to simply post such a notice. To effectively promote trust and confidence in you and your website, the provisions of a privacy notice must also be fully implemented as part of a larger privacy policy. Careful consideration should therefore go into the creation of a notice so it accurately reflects your own unique information practices and you can guarantee a faithful adherence to its provisions." (2009, bbonline.org)

This is the short link to this Privacy Policy sample: http://sm.tv/2j

I hope this help you start your own Privacy Policy for your website. If this help you, please support this page and post your comments.

And if you found other useful example or templates to share, please post it here as well.

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