Facebook secured connection

Posted by Support @ Whaddya.com On Wednesday, January 26, 2011
I just read from the Facebook blog today, they will give you the option to connect to Facebook secured all the time using the SSL protocol. You will start seeing the HTTPS instead of the standard HTTP protocol to provide secured connection. Just like any online bank transaction.

The advantage of having HTTPS while in Facebook is to block malicious people sniffing your Facebook password over the network or WIFI. As of writing this article, Firesheep is already out to sniff any unsecured website e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc. on the same network or WIFI. This is the similar approach in wardrive sniffing password for wireless network.

I highly recommend that you use HTTPS when it's available to protect your password. You should be able to see this security feature from your Facebook Account Security settings.

I'm hoping to see HTTPS enable to Twitter website all the time. We'll see.

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