Verizon offers an iPhone

Posted by Support @ On Tuesday, January 11, 2011
According to Verizon website, it begins 02.10.2011 to offer an iPhone. You can subscribe to the website to get the latest news about the availability of Verizon iPhone. As of writing this article, the FAQs and Getting Ready are still not accessible or simply flooded with traffic of curious users like me to get more details about the service.

I hope Verizon will provide promotions to offer existing AT&T customer to move with free iPhone (yehey!) or 50% discount option for new customers. I like AT&T but they don't provide the wave signal I need while in Metro subway only selected (crowded) stations. I have 30-40 minutes commute one-way and this is perfect for Netflix to enjoy the ride. But I can't watch Netflix instant movies in the subway through AT&T fastest network :)

I will consider the option of transferring to Verizon iPhone.

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