What is the value of your data?

Posted by Support @ Whaddya.com On Sunday, April 03, 2011
Guest post by: Michael Quiroz (m.quiroz @ zenok.com)

Prevent data loss

The new Massachusetts data security law, 201 CMR 17.00, is a prime example of the
increasingly aggressive role states are taking to protect their citizens according to The Information

But who plays an aggressive role to protect the data of the citizens?

Computers are expensive and therefore they should be considered as safe machines. Mr.
David M. Smith, Ph.D from the Pepperdine University of California (US) reported that
4.607.100 computers in the United States suffered of data loss in 2003 only. How many this
may be now?

At ZenOK they think they have the answer. The ZenOK data protection service is, what the
new data protection law in Massachusetts is for their citizens – playing an aggressive role
in protecting data. This product covers up to $10.000 in case of data loss and includes a free
Antivirus Suite.

What are your data worth for you?

“Data have more value than most people think” says Ron Hessing, president from
ZenOK. With the ZenOK product the times of data losses are over. ZenOK includes
an “Artificial Intelligence Risk Calculator” (AIRC – patent pending) which controls the
current computer-system situation and calculates possible future risks for data loss. If a
risk is detected, the AIRC informs you and gives you a recommendation how to solve the
problem. When you follow those advices, your data never are at risk. Erroneously deleted
files can be restored from the ZenOK backup online server without any problems.

This product is a “must have” for every computer user. To find out more download
ZenOK Free Antivirus and try it out yourself.


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