Transferring Photos and Music to iPhone 4S

Posted by EM MAJ_COM On Monday, October 24, 2011
I finally got my iPhone 4S, definitely way faster than my old iPhone. I got 64Gb so I can transfer all my musics, videos, and all my pictures.

This article will help you transfer your pictures and musics to your new iPhone device. Here's how to.

  1. First of all, let's backup your pictures. You can simply open a windows explorer, drag all your pictures to your C: drive. You can create a new folder if you want to organize your pictures backup. For Mac users, create a new folder to your "Documents", then drag and drop. For this example, let's use a new folder "BACKUP PICTURES" to copy your pictures from your apple device e.g. iPhone or iPod
  2. Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes application. If you don't, please update this application before you proceed. It is highly recommended.
  3. After the backup, connect your apple device.
  4. Open your iTunes application, it will automatically recognize your device under DEVICES. Click on it.
  5. Select the Photos tab, put check on Sync Photos from:, select "Choose Folder". This is where you point your BACKUP PICTURES folder created in the beginning of this article.
  6. Apply changes and click Sync
  7. Check if your pictures are successfully transferred to your device.
For your music transfer, here's how to.
  1. Drag and drop your music album folder to your Music iTunes folder. In the latest version of iTunes, go to iTunes, iTunes Media, then Music folder. The Music folder holds all your music collections.
  2. In iTunes application, Library, click Music. This will show your music collections. If you just transferred some musics from step1. In iTunes application, click File, then Library to update your music collections.
  3. Go back to Library, Music, to see your updated library.
  4. In DEVICES, click your device e.g. iPhone or iPod. Click the Music tab, put check in Sync Music, check the Playlist and Artists, click Apply, click Sync.
  5. Now enjoy your music
Hope this help you. Please don't hesitate to post a follow questions.
Thank you.

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