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Whaddya.com Advertising Space:
We are now accepting advertising space here at Whaddya.com website. You will be able to see your ad in every pages of Whaddya.com website. This is a great exposure for your business products and services offering. The ad space is first comes first serve, no rotations for full exposure of your ad campaign.

Top Header - Header Ad (728x90) 1 ad space, SOLD OUT.

Ad Space no.1 - Banner Ad (468x60) 3 ad slots in equal rotation $1500 per month. The Ad Space no.1 will appear in Whaddya.com website.com.

Ad Space no.2B - Box Ad (300x250) 3 ad slots available $495.95 per 100,000 impression.

Ad Space no.3 - Box Ad (125x125) 6 ad spaces, 3 slots available $250.95 per 100,000 impression.

Ad Space no.4 - Text Ad - Your Website URL + 75 characters for only $19.95/month. Please use the Buy Now button to add your website today. We sold 3 ad spaces, 17 spots available.

Ad Space no.5 - Box Ad (160x600) 3 ad slots available in equal rotation $295.95 per 100,000 impression. The Ad Space no.5 will appear in Whaddya.com community.

Please send Paypal payment to EM @ KING.NET to start your ad campaign.

After payment, please send the following to EM @ KING.NET
Image: Ad Campaign graphics, for ex. (125x125), (250x250), (336x380) or (160x600)
Logo: Preferably the company or product logo
Link: business or product sponsor URL address

Medialogy.com Homepage Advertising Space: Ad Space no.6. Get full exposure of your company or business products direct to our diverse visitors. Your ad campaign will be in our main page at Medialogy.com website. This is a great way to establish your brand name or introduce a new product. The current advertising cost in our main page at Medialogy.com is $500 per 100,000 impression (3 boxes slot available, please send email for inquiry).

Click on "Your Ad Campaign here ..." to see it in action.

For other inquiry, please send email to EM @ KING.NET and I will get back to you asap.
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For Ad Campaign, please send email to Support[@]Whaddya.com. Thank you.