Vonage Final Account Status

Posted by Support @ Whaddya.com On Thursday, October 23, 2008
To: CEO of Vonage.

I'm a former Vonage customer (703-349-7118) and would like to raise my disappointment using the Vonage service.

I called in to cancel my account as I am not a happy customer because of continuous issue in my Vonage phone.

This message came from my activation notice (via e-mail):
A detailed online invoice is available through your Vonage Online Account. You will still have access to your call and billing history through your Online Account for up to 90 days after this cancellation.

Minutes, I've checked my account and no access already! That' fun.

I was talking to Mr. Ryan. I'm trying to raise my concern and cancel my service. He told me that I have to pay for the total of $92.48 for the termination fees and device. I said that I will return the device, I don't need it. He told me that if I read the Terms of Service, the termination fees apply. Wow, very convincing voice.

My issue is, I open my account last August 2008. The service did not work, I've spent hours trying to work this issue with the Technical support. From troubleshooting network cables, reset device, reset IP address, etc. He then decided to send another device. Waited for days. When I received the 2nd device (Vonage hub), we troubleshoot the same issue again, do the same process all over again. I figured out this is a firewall blocking the ports. I resolved this issue by adding the needed ports to my firewall. After couple of weeks, Vonage charged me for the 2nd device (Wow!).

You failed to provide a promised service on first try, then charged me for the 2nd device. Oh well, VONAGE will refund the device anyway. Well, I received the refund on October 10, 2008. This is almost 2 months in the making from August to October before I received my refund.
This is the worst part, I'm not a satisfied customer so I called Customer Service and spoke to Mr. Ryan (with attitude dealing with customer) to cancel my service. Then you slapped me with $92.48 to terminate my account. How sweet!

I prefer not to give Mr.Ryan and Ms.Sheena's fullname, I realized they have family to feed too. But I hope this served a wake up call.

I plan to file a formal complaint but decided to let go, and move along. Instead of sending this email to the Vonage's CEO, I decided to blog away.

Not so happy Vonage customer.

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