Whaddya have IE issue after installing KB963027?

Posted by Support @ Whaddya.com On Wednesday, May 13, 2009
We do automatic update for Microsoft Security Updates on a weekly schedule. This is to minimize risk of exposure against known vulnerability, patching the hole (threat) as soon as possible. Though this is not the perfect approach, well there is no perfect approach to secure your environment anyway.

Again, minimizing risk according to your business acceptable loss. You need to do Risk Assessment first to determine the acceptable loss in ($) dollar value and ask your management "What Business are we in?" then you can create directives on how you can implement countermeasures. As always, countermeasures solution should be below the value of assets that you are trying to protect.

Going back to the subject. After installing KB963027 on April 15, 2009. My customers started complaining not able to connect to some websites they normally visit. A good example, a website that authenticate their credentials to do their daily tasks. Another user, not able to visit Adobe website. Another user, not able to visit Facebook website.

For the Facebook access. I suppose to not assist the user because this is not allowed in the business environment but I'm curious to fix it anyway. I was able to correct it by resetting the IE settings back to "Reset all Zones to default level". Click on Tools, Internet Options, click the Security tab to see the "Reset all Zones to default level" button.

For the first 2 websites problem, I need to remove the KB963027 patch to the workstation to fix the problem. Go to Control Panel, double click on "Add or Remove programs" icon, scroll down and look for the patch you would like to uninstall. After uninstalling the KB963027, they can access the website again.

Other alternative solutions:
- Install the IE 8.0 and trust the website, you should be able to access the website again.
- Using Google Chrome, I have no problem using Google Chrome going these websites.

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