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Internet user IDs turn honest

I am reading this article and I would like to know if my visitors are now part of this change? Read the article for details. 

"In the 1998 box office hit “You’ve Got Mail,” the anonymous screen names of Meg Ryan (Shopgirl) and Tom Hanks (NY152) turned unwitting foes into paramours, giving Americans their first dose of a digital-age romantic comedy.

Early AOL users may chuckle now at that signature dial-up modem din: a strung-out chorus of pings and bleeps interrupted by the fuzz of static and white noise. And these days, handles like Shopgirl and NY152 seem so, well, 1998.

More than 10 years later, Internet handles are practically second to one’s identity. They signal our arrival in e-mail inboxes and can often be the first impression we make. User names of yore-college-era holdovers or an inscrutable series of computer-generated numbers tacked on to one’s login-are increasingly frowned upon as unprofessional and frivolous." (2009,
Righ now, I still use my website for this purpose and I will introduce myself when we have a formal communication e.g. through email or phone conversation. The primary reason is to let our visitors to remember our website address e.g. KING.NET, just like in the making of our business brand.

Here's another interesting information for future use of the Internet and how you will address them now. 
"My wife will kill me for saying this,” he said. “If we ever have kids, I’ll only name them something if the domain name is available.” (2009,
I actually registered all names of my children e.g. I can't register our lastname as it was taken years ago. So if you have the opportunity to register your lastname or your fullname, do it soon before someone else register the domain name. 

Where to get a low cost maintenance of domain name for your family? Here some of our sponsors. - Enom Technology Partner (ETP) that provide low cost and easy management of your domain names. - provide 24x7 customer service for your domain names and web hosting.


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