HOWTO convert a Physical Server to Virtual Machine

Posted by EM MAJ_COM On Saturday, October 22, 2011
Here's a step-by-step procedures on how to convert a Physical Server to Virtual Machine.

  1. Download VMware converter tool from website. 
  2. Copy the converter tool to your physical server, and double-click the file to install, and accept "default" installation. Open the client to start the conversion.
  3. In VMware vCenter Converter Standalone console, click "Convert Machine".
  4. In Conversion, Source System, and select "This local machine". Click Next to continue.
  5. In Destination , type the IP address or name of vCenter Server, Username, Password, and OS Family "Windows". Click Next to continue.
  6. It will prompt a "Converter Security Warning", click "Ignore" the Certificate Warnings.
  7. In Destination Virtual Machine, type Name of server ex. KINGNET_Server01, click Next to continue.
  8. In Cluster (if you use this feature), select the server, in Datastore select EqualLogic, click Next.
  9. In Options, click Next continue or click Edit to change the diskspace and memory. Click Next.
  10. In Summary, click Finish.
You're almost done. You can see the status in real time, and wait for the conversion to complete. 

When you see the 100% complete, congratulation. You may now disconnect the Physical Server so you can configure the Virtual Machine IP Address, and test the virtual machine.

Continue the setup.
  1. First reboot the Virtual Machine, through the console.
  2. Install the VMware Tool to the Virtual Machine.
  3. Login using the console to check Device Manager, check the drivers.
  4. Update the IP Address, subnet mask, gateway, DNS1, and DNS2
  5. Check the TIME and DATE.
  6. Test the Virtual Machine
That's all.

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