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Free magicJack Conference Calling

This is a great FREE conference calling for entrepreneurs and small-mid size business. It's easy to use and available for everyone.
Here's a quick guide to setup your own conference call meeting:
  1. Dial 305-848-8888
  2. Press 2 to create your own conference room
  3. Enter a three digit pin to create your conference room number. 
  4. Write down your new conference room number. It will be 3 digit pin + your last 7 digit phone number.

Here's how to join a conference call meeting:
  1. Dial 305-848-8888
  2. Press 1
  3. Enter your Conference Room Number provided to you by your host.
Please note, check with your local phone service provider regarding charges calling to 305-848-888 number. For more details, visit the official website

How can you save more? You can use the following cost effective solution as replacement of your traditional phone service e.g. magicJack, Vonage or Skype. I've used Skype and Vonage in the past. Now I'm using magicJack for $40 one time fee for the USB device and $19.95/year service. You can't beat that service, let me know if I missed other savings out there.


  1. The only problem is what if you don't host the conference calls, but you are just attending? Magic Jack will block you from being able to call any conference line that is not theirs. People who are considering purchasing magic Jack to reduce their long distance bill should not bother. You will be wasting your money since you will not be able to attend any conference calls other than those hosted on Magic Jack's conference system.

  2. Hi Christy,

    I think that's incorrect. I personally tested it using our office phone (not magicjack). I was able to host a conference. I've asked someone to join in without problem.

    Though I have not tried it using my home magicjack number. I will try it when I get home tonight.


  3. Christy is correct. If you are not the host you can not use majic jack, although that seems strange to me because about a year ago I was able to attend conference calls using majic jack and I had no problem. I tried it today and it would not let me attend a conference call in which I was not the host. That sucks!! :(

  4. I just tested it now.

    I created a conference room using our Verizon land line. I distributed this number to another land line phone and a magic jack phone user.
    Status: Working, all three are in conference room. Host in Verizon land line, 1 participant in magicjack and 1 participant in verizon land line.

    I created a conference room using magicjack phone. I distributed the conference room code to a verizon land line user.
    Status: Working, the host (magicjack) and participant are in the conference.

    I don't see any problem.

  5. Awesome blog! I think the issue that Christy, Anonymous, and I are having with majicjack is a different one than EM is addressing. EM's plan works if you have the authority to host the conference call and distribute the info to all participants. In my case, I have been unable to attend a large weekly conference (up to 80 people) since Sept 1, the date when MagicJack started blocking free teleconferencing not setup through their system. As a lowly peon, all I can do is send a link to this blog to the administrators and urge a new number for those of us who do not have true land lines.

  6. Thank you Marc.

    It's great to offer free service and keep the savings to our pocket. :)

  7. Tonight, at 8:00PM, I was supposed to participate in a conference call that was set up THROUGH magicJack Conference Calling.

    Here's the email I had to send late tonight, to the person who managed the set-up.

    Oh, f--k it! This window won't allow me to copy and paste my email.

    I'm too upset to continue trying to figure out this mess, so forget it. I'm extremely disappointed in magicJack... again.

  8. Okay, I had to "create a profile," first, and the only choice I could find that made ANY sense was "Anonymous." Sure enough, after I selected "Anonymous," I was then allowed to copy and paste the following:

    Hi, Pamela!

    This may sound pretty dopey, but I'm very familiar with phone conferences, and how they work, but this evening, I sure had problems.

    So here's everything I can think of to tell you (sorry!)............

    This is what Christi emailed all of us:

    Dial-In Number: 1 (218) 339-2626
    Access Code: 912341

    Okay, so I have magicJack. I used magicJack to dial that number. I got a recorded message giving me a different number. That number was/is:


    When I dialed that number, I then reached a recorded message which asked me to enter my "conference room number."

    Well, I figured they meant the "access code" Christi gave us. So I entered that, followed by the # key.

    I got a new message saying that that conference room number was not valid.

    But I had no OTHER number, and that's absolutely what was requested.

    I tried easily ten different times, again using the original phone number, as well as the referred-to phone number, but each time, I was locked out.

    I ended up using my mobile phone, but that was a terrible experience, because the clarity is not good -- especially with six people on at the same time -- and I missed a great deal of what was being said, alas.

    The clarity on my handset that I use in conjunction with magicJack is really good.

    So how can I avoid this in the future?

    I don't have access to the account, to figure it out for myself or, believe me, I'd spare you the trouble, I really would.

    But I don't want this to happen again. These conference calls are really important to me, and I'm embarrassed to say I missed a lot of what was said.

    I also know that, try as she did for a good half an hour, Elena Martinez could not log in, either. When I asked the other people if she was using magicJack, I never could hear definitely if she was. But if that WAS the case, then that would be another magicJack user who had the same problem.

    Please let me know what you find out or, if you'd rather I check it out, please give me whatever information is necessary to get to the guts of the magicJack people. I don't mind contacting them myself, Pamela.



  9. I just signed up for the Magic Jack Conference Call Service by dialing 305-848-8888. I created a conference room then I distributed it to some people. We held a conference without any problems. I did all of this from my iPhone again without any problems. I will continue to use it and thanks Magic Jack for offering the service.


  10. Glad to know it help.

    Keep reading at KING.NET.


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