How to secure your new computer?

Posted by EM MAJ_COM On Friday, November 04, 2011
I bought a laptops for my children. Here's how to secure it, or simply minimizing cyber threat (risks).

  • I setup and configured the laptops using the local administrator account.
  • Run windows update, and apply those security patches. Sometimes you need to run Windows Update, twice or three times to make sure that all security patches applied to your computer.
  • After the installation of security patches, make sure that you set this windows update "automatic" once every week to keep your computer up to date. Click Start, Control Panel, then Windows Update. Here you can modify how frequent you want your computer to receive update automatically. Of course you can come back and make the necessary adjustment as you see fit.
  • After the security update install and setup. It's time to download and install anti-virus software. It's nice to know that Microsoft offer Free Anti-Virus for Windows. Here's the link to download the software, and if the link is not working. Google it "Microsoft Security Essentials", and it will provide the updated link.
  • To install the Microsoft Security Essentials, simply accept the default installation. After the install, run a full scan of your computer, and update the settings.
  • Install all the applications you need such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, etc. I've asked my kids to use Google Apps Doc for their projects so we don't have to spend extra $$$ buying Microsoft Office. This is part of Gmail Docs for word, excel, and powerpoint. Create your gmail email address here
  • Install your printer drivers.
  • After all the basic setup, windows security updates, installation of software's, and printer driver installation. You need to create a "user" account with basic rights to use your computer. So, if you use "admin" for all the installation. You need to create account for "Joe", "Mary" and "Jane" with their own passwords. When they use their own "user" account, you minimize exposures when surfing the Internet. Those automatic cookie installations on your computer will be denied. When you click any executable "malicious" files will be denied, and you minimize of virus infection as well. You will only use the "admin" account if you will install new software and windows update install.
I hope this help you.

Have a safe journey to the Internet.

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