Windows Server 2008 R2 - Remote Desktop Services

Posted by EM MAJ_COM On Monday, November 21, 2011
If you're looking for a Terminal Services procedure, you're in the right place. The Terminal Services name was changed to Remote Desktop Services. I like it, it is more user friendly name to use. The video link I provided here is a step by step instructions to install the Terminal Services This is a detailed instructions to follow installing Terminal Services for Windows Server 2008.

Please note, I used Windows Server 2008 R2 Data Center to write this procedures for Remote Desktop Services. Though, very close configuration for Terminal Services.

Let's begin.

  1. Right click on your Windows Server, and click on Manage.
  2. In Add Roles, put check on Remote Desktop Services, Network Policy and Access Services, and Web Server (IIS). Click Next.
  3. In Role services, put check on Remote Desktop Session Host, Remote Desktop Connection Broker, Remote Desktop Gateway, and Remote Desktop Web Access. Click Next.
  4. Specify whether Network Level Authentication is required, select "Do not require Network Level Authentication", click Next.
  5. Select Configure later, click Next.
  6. In Users or User Groups, add the group you want to connect to this RD Session Host server. In Active Directory (AD), create a group name "GRP Remote Access". You will use this to assign permission for your users. Click Add, Advance, it will prompt you to enter your AD username and password, e.g. Administrator and AD password. Click Find Now, and select the GRP Remote Access, click OK. In Users or User Groups, you will see the GRP Remote Access group added. Click Next to continue.
  7. You will have the option to enable the "Audio and video playback", "Audio recording redirection", and "Desktop composition". I do not select any of these. You can come back here and enable these selection if you want. For now, click Next to continue.
  8. In Server Authentication Certificate for SSL Encryption, select "Create a self-signed certificate for SSL encryption", click Next.
  9. In User groups that can connect through RD Gateway, add the GRP Remote Access (like Step 6), click Next to continue.
  10. In RD CAP, accept the name default TS_CAP_01, choose Password, and click Next.
  11. In RD CAP, accept the name default TS_RAP_01, choose Allow users to connect to any computer on the network. Click Next.
  12. In Network Policy and Access Services, click Next.
  13. In Role services, select Network Policy Server, click Next.
  14. In Web Services (IIS), click Next.
  15. In Role services, click Next to accept default setup.
  16. Click Install to proceed installation. Wait for the installation to complete.
  17. You will receives warning messages, requesting to restart your server/services. Click Close.
  18. Do you want to restart now? Click Yest to proceed.
You just completed the Server installation of Remote Desktop Services.

Congratulation. Now, start installing the applications for your users.

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