Install Application on Remote Desktop Services

Posted by EM MAJ_COM On Friday, December 09, 2011

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This article will show you on how to add an applications to your Remote Desktop Services installation. If you haven't read the Windows Server 2008 R2 - Remote Desktop Services installation guide, please read it first.

What is the benefits of using Remote Desktop Services? If you are using the VPN for remote connection, then you have an idea. This is a Microsoft remote access solution to replace (maybe) the difficult to setup VPN connection, but a lot of company still using this technology. If it is running and properly setup, the VPN is a reliable remote access solution. Well, we are not here to compare the VPN and Remote Desktop Services.

The Remote Desktop Services is an added tool for your employees to telecommute or work from home without compromising your network security. I think it's safe to say, minimizing security risks. If they are using a Windows operating system at home, their workstation is ready to connect to the corporate network. Assuming that your account is allowed to use the remote desktop. If not sure, contact your hard working network administrator about it.

How to connect? Simply run the Remote Desktop Connection in Accessories/Communications folder (or type MSTSC in run command), type your server name under computer, username, and password. You will see the familiar log-in screen at work, and you have access to the company resources through network drives.

Begin the installation of application on Remote Desktop Services. For this article, the application to install is Microsoft Office 2010 Standard. Of course, you will install other software/applications your employees needed while working remotely e.g. Adobe Reader, Deltek GCS Premier for accounting staff, MS Project software if required, and other business applications that you have licenses to use.

  1. Log-in as domain Administrator
  2. Go to the Control Panel, you will see the Install Application on Remote Desktop Server
  3. Browse to the CD/DVD drive, and select Setup (or double click) to proceed the installation.
  4. Read the warning notice, and wait for the installation to complete. It will take a while, so please wait.
I like this approach compare to old Terminal Services when adding new applications, this is simplified and easy to follow.

That's enough for now, and happy safe computing.

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