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Curious to know the personal asset of the next US President.

I'm watching CNN with our US Presidential candidates and for some reasons I wonder how much money they make each year. So I went to search the net and stumble the articles posted by Marlys Harris for CNN Money Magazine. Here are their summarize version of their personal assets.

Hillary Clinton
Cash and bonds $30.1 million
Life Insurance $140,000
Retirement Funds $33,000
Alternative investments $248,000
Houses $5.9 million
Mortgages $1.5 million
Credit line $65,000
NET WORTH $34.9 million
2006 income $12.1 million

John Edwards
Hedge fund investments $24.0 million
Cash and fixed income $20.1 million
Retirement plans $1.4 million
Trust for children $147,000
Rentral property $1.9 million
Houses $8.5 million
Liabilities $1.6 million
NET WORTH $54.7 million
2006 income $3.7 million

Rudoplh Giuliani
Business $15.0 million
Cash $12.9 million
Stock $8.0 million
Fixed income $6.8 million
Real estate $175,000
New York City apartment $5.3 million
Hamptons home $4.0 million
NET WORTH $52.2 million
2006 income $17.0 million

John McCain
Miscellaneous trusts $24.6 million
Family companies $7.4 million
Cindy McCain's retirement plan $2.3 million
Cash $2.1 million
Real Estate $1.0 million
Houses $3.9 million
Liabilities $857,000
NET WORTH $40.4 million
2006 income $3.9 million

Barack Obama
Cash $250,000
Pension $75,000
Mutual funs $390,500
House $1.9 million
Liabilities $1.3 million
NET WORTH $1.3 million
2006 income $991,000

Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney's blind trust $86.3 million
Ann Romney's blind trust $36.4 million
Mitt Romney's IRA $42.9 million
Cash $18.7 million
Ann Romney's IRA $40,000
Homes $18.7 million
NET WORTH $202 million
2006 income $37.6 million

Fred Thompson
Cash $3.2 million
Pension assets $825,000
Life insurance $175,000
House $3.3 million
Washington, D.C. condo $750,000
Liabilities $165,0000
NET WORTH $8.1 million
2006 income $9.4 million

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