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About | KING.NET privately owned Internet Media Portal, a service by

Services we provide:
  • We continue to develop web online services to help our customers reach their target audiences through local and direct navigation.
  • We provide services range from IT Consulting specialize using Microsoft softwares e.g Microsoft Windows Servers, Exchange Server, MS SQL Server, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, Microsoft ISA, and other Microsoft enterprise applications.
  • Network Infrastructure, Planning, Design, and Implementation to help your in-house technology services.
  • Configuration and remote management of your Netscreen Firewall, and other brands.
  • Domain Name Management Services this includes consolidations of domain portfolio, acquiring and brokering domain portfolio for your business. This service protect your brand and trademarks, expand your advertising targets and continues growth of marketing exposure through domain name acquisitions.
  • Portfolio Management, making sure that your domain portfolio promoting your business products and services. Deep Branding.
  • Domain Name Registration Services
  • Outsourcing Helpdesk Services
Our Objectives:

  • Assist our customers to increase their brand, services or products exposures through advertising to our online media network.
  • Fully utilize our community network to provide direct navigation advertisement services where you can buy ad space. Websites and communities includes,, communities, and other GEO websites.
Motivational Quote's:
Hardwork = Success
Knowledge.Information.Network.Group.New.Evolving.Technology (KINGNET)

For other inquiry and advertising questions, please send email to Support [@] or EM [@] KING.NET, and someone will respond to you. Please include contact information e.g. Your Full Name, Phone Number, preferred time to receive calls and brief description about your company.

Contact Information:

Thank you, | KING.NET Information Network | A service provided by 

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