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Increase your revenue, become a Reseller

Are you a, Entrepreneur? Managing your own business? or Self-Employed?
Do you have a backup plan "source of income"?

If any of the questions relate to you, this opportunity will be able to provide you additional income. Become a reseller of domain name, where you can sell and provide domain name registration services at wholesale price. You will be able to create your own subreseller network, become a "one stop shop" for web services and e-commerce service.

The domain name business is for everyone e.g. employees, mom working from home, entrepreneurs, marketing agencies, corporate marketing, web design agencies, domain brand marketing, domain investor, students and maybe your boss. You never know who belong in this business, some people earning from US$1000 to US$100,000 a month depending on how you approach and manage the business.

This article is to give you idea on how you can make additional income and slowly step out of the rat race. If you don't know what I mean, read Rich Dad Poor Dad book.

For Domain Investors: I don't have to explain why you need a reseller account to get a wholesale pricing on domain name. Well anyway for the sake of other readers. The industry average pricing that you can get is between US$10.00 to US$35.00 or more for .COM .NET .ORG .US .INFO .BIZ domain extension. As reseller, your base price is US$ 9.10/year for .COM .NET .ORG .US .INFO and .BIZ domain extension.

If you managed 1000 domain names at US$15 per year registration, you will spend US$15,000.00 per year. If you become a reseller at wholesale price, your domain name total cost of ownership cut down to US$9,100.00 per year. This is US$5,900.00 saving a year, just for managing your own domain name portfolio. Of course as beginners, I don't expect you to own a thousand domain names. Imagine if you manage or host your customers domain names, your mark-up fee is your revenue.

Other benefits as Reseller:
  • Robust domain management tools
  • Global DNS record management
  • Private whois registrations
  • Wholesale pricing on domain names
  • 7 day a week customer service
  • 365 days of e-mail support
For Entrepreneurs: If you are new to domain name business, learn from the best entrepreneurs visit, and other domain forums to get more ideas.
You can build your own Domain Name Registration Services that includes the following:
Domain Name Registration service for .COM .NET .ORG .INFO .BIZ and ccTLD .US .TV .CN more ...
  • Largest selection of ccTLDs
  • Wholesale pricing for domain name, you can set up your own pricing
  • Create your own reseller network
  • Easy DNS record management e.g. A record, CNAME, URL forwarding, cloaking, parking
  • Expand product offerings and revenue, through SSL Digital Certificate, ID Protect
  • Create your own Private Registration website just like website.
  • Become a "one stop shop" for web services
  • You can do this business for part-time or full-time, it's up to you on how you want to increase your revenue/profit.
You got me interested, then what? You can a get your own subreseller account directly from Enom Technology Partner (ETP) partner since late 2001. The availability of subreseller account is limited, so get one for you today! on-sale for $250 one-time fee to get your reseller account setup for you.
Wholesale Price of Domain Names:

  • US$9.10 per year for .COM .NET .ORG
  • US$9.10  per year for .US .BIZ .INFO
  • US$28.00 per year for .CO (your alternative for dot com for company, community, corporation, etc.)
  • US$29.95 per year for .TV
  • US$15.95 per year for .CA
  • US$26.95 per year for .CN, .COM.CN, .NET.CN, ORG.CN
  • US$15.95 per year for .DE
  • US$19.48 per year for .MOBI
  • US$59.95 per year for .LA
  • US$23.95 per year for .ASIA
  • US$6.99 per year for .CO.UK, .ORG.UK, .ME.UK
  • US$36.95 per year for .COM.TW, .ORG.TW, IDV.TW
  • US$9.10 per year for .NAME
  • US$26.95 per year for .NU
  • US$86.00 per year for .JP
  • US$10.95 per year for .EU
  • US$26.95 per year for .CC
  • US$78.00 per year for .AC
  • US$78.00 per year for .IO
  • US$78.00 per year for .SH
  • US$26.95 per year for .BZ
  • US$26.95 per year for .NU * 2 years minimum
  • US$26.95 per year for .WS
  • US$109.00 per year for .TM
  • US$95.00 per year for .KIDS.US
  • US$24.95 per year for .BE
  • US$56.00 per year for .TC
  • US$56.00 per year for .VG
  • US$56.00 per year for .MS
  • US$56.00 per year for .GS
  • US$59.95 per year for .NET.NZ, .CO.NZ, .ORG.NZ
  • US$79.00 per year for .COM.MX
  • US$18.00 per year for .IN
  • US$56.00 per year for .VG
  • US$84.95 per year for .AT
  • US$99.95 per year for .AM
  • US$34.95 per year for .NL
  • US$34.95 per year for .IT
  • US$109.95 per year for .FM
  • will update other extension soon.
For Retail, offer:$14.95 per year for .COM .NET .ORG .US .BIZ .INFO
To reserve one reseller account for your business, send PAYPAL payment to BILLING @ NEEDNAME.COM (US$250.00 now discounted for limited offer only $99.95 one time setup fee). If you have additional question related to domain name reselling business, please let me know or post a comment here.

Thank you


  1. is this offer still valid???

  2. Yes this still valid. You can also make a follow up to


  3. Is the wholesale reseller accounts still available?

  4. Yes, I have still some reseller account. Send email to EM @ KING.NET, if you need additional information. Or send your PAYPAL payment to to process your order right away.

  5. FYI
    Price changed from $7.99 to $8.59.

  6. New registry price increase.


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