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Checklist - Where's Your Online Business Headed?

I would like to share this article that I got from website looking for business documents as I need one for my online business. I hope this help you build your business.

Setting realistic short-term marketing goals with help you clarify your long-range objectives. The list of questions will help you define the future of your online business.

I. What are your Internet marketing goals for the next year and the next three to five years in these areas?

- Dollar Sales
- Unit Sales
- Profits
- Market share
- Markets to enter
- Customer-base expansion

II. What are your six biggest marketing challenges, in order of urgency? (e.g., consumer trends, technology challenges, customer to mix, competition, staffing, margins, media, etc.)

1. ______________________________________________________________

2. ______________________________________________________________

3. ______________________________________________________________

4. ______________________________________________________________

5. ______________________________________________________________

6. ______________________________________________________________

III. What major threats and opportunities will your company face in the next three to five years, in these areas?

- Products and services
- Staffing
- Customer attitudes and trends
- General business conditions
- Competition
- Changes in technology

IV. What new competition do you expect within the next three to five years?
(Consider technological developments and product/service innovations, as well as alliances, mergers and acquisitions.)





V. Which competitors do you expect will decline or disappear within the next year? Three to five years? Why?

1. ______________________________________________________________

2. ______________________________________________________________

3. ______________________________________________________________

VI. What proportion of your online sales a year from now will come from new products or services? _________________ %

From new market? ____________________ %

Sales from new products? ____________________ %

What about three years from now? ____________________ %

From new market? ____________________ %


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