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Bidding at eBay

It's been years since the last time I used eBay Auction. I saw one item today, and I'm very interested to bid so I rush in to log-in. I forgot, I configured my account using two-factor authentication to provide a much better security. I've spent an hour looking for my security card key that I bought from Paypal years ago. This will give me 6 digits (new every 60 seconds) as part of authenticating my log-in credentials.

I got in, now bidding time. Hopefully I'll get the item.

I checked first how many interested party would like to have this item, more than 50 bids already at $2312. So I place my bid for $2500, immediately I'm out bid by another bidder.

I know the proxy bidding works, where they bid with the maximum reserve budget. For example, Mary is the last bidder for $100, John out bid Mary after placing $110 bid (assuming $10 is the increment). You will see John (using his auction alias name). And John place his proxy bid to $1000 maximum budget.

Another bidder Bob, bid for $120. Remember John has a proxy bid, so the system proxy bid for $130 as the highest offer. Then Bob bid another for $140, the proxy bid for $150 as the highest offer again, and so on. As a bidder, I can see this transaction.

Going back to eBay Auction. When I placed the $2500 bid as User51, the other bidder User52 doesn't exist in the bidding, it only appears after I bid. Keep in mind the item in auction has a reserve amount. So I place another bid for $3000, then User52 bid for $3050. Again, this User52 doesn't participate in the auction only after I place my first bid. For the third time, I put up $4000 bid, as expected User52 outbid me.

I don't know about you, but this is not normal for me. So I stop bidding right away, it doesn't make sense to beat the "ghost bidder" in auction.

I value my hard earned money.


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