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Coolest Solar Appliances for 2016

There are even cooler ways to heat up your food, power your gadgets, and improve your work week this year. Eco-conscious efforts are surging in popularity, which means green solutions are more abundant than ever. At Modernize, we’re passionate about living as sustainably as possible, so we’re excited about these cool solar innovations.
We consume a lot of electricity to power our electronics, from business needs to entertainment. Your laptop, cell phone, game systems, and more eat up electricity, drive up your energy bill, and increase your carbon footprint. But have no fear; there’s a better and more affordable way! 
The Solar Charger from Que USA will revolutionize your nightly routine of plugging in your iPad, smartphone, or GPS device. This innovative charger can power up a number of digital devices, pulling solar energy as its source. It’s powered by a lithium polymer battery that charges through a solar panel. It’s environmentally-friendly, and contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a clear, sunny day to reap the benefits of solar devices. On top of all the environmental benefits, it’s also waterproofshockproof, and drop-resistant. That’s especially important if you’re like us and have mishaps here and there!
Overhaul Your Outdoor Adventures
Want to explore the great outdoors? Enjoy some sunshine and grab a solar-powered backpack. With solar panels attached to the outside of the pack, you can receive up to about 4 Watts of power, which is perfect for charging devices. If you’re going on a scenic hiking trail, or backpacking for a week at a time, use the sun to boost your GPS and cell phone and enjoy the feeling of safety at your fingertips.
Need to cook up something tasty while camping? Use a solar cooker for a fast, practical dinner solution without any fuel. Use the sun to roast potatoes, vegetables, meat, and more. Solar ovens and cookers come in a wide range of sizes and prices, but they are more portable than ever before. Many even include carrying cases you can attach to your pack.
Change Your Work Habits
Do you often find yourself typing away madly in an effort to meet deadlines? What if you could knock out your to-do list, and help the environment at the same time? You can! Solar-powered wireless keyboards from companies like Logitech make it easy to to work—and environmentally responsible, too! Cut down on your electricity costs as you spend hours on your computer. 
These keyboards charge in the sun or even artificial light.
What’s even more impressive is that some solar keyboards can hold a charge for up to three months in total darkness. You may expect something like that to be clunky and outdated, but these sleek keyboards are just as modern as wireless or USB keyboards. So revolutionize your work week with this affordable office accessory.
No matter where you start, switching to solar power is rewarding, both socially and financially. And with so many cool solar products on the market, and innovations surging daily, it’s more fun than ever to do the right thing!


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