WordPress 4.5.3 fixes bug, Carbonite reset password after cyber-attack and 154 Million voter records exposed.

Posted by EM MAJ_COM On Monday, June 27, 2016
Security folks are always busy trying to protect our information from malicious users or criminal actors out there. Here's what's going for the last couple of days.

Carbonite online backup service resets all users passwords after cyber attack. The company said the attacking third-party didn't compromise any user accounts, mainly because its IT staff caught the attack in its early stages. To make sure nothing was stolen from people's backups, Carbonite has initiated a service-wide password reset.

Brute-force attacks and account hijacking to become more popular. Such types of attacks are known as ATO or Identity Testing Attacks, and according to security firm ThreatMatrix, they are becoming extremely popular. Source: Softpedia.com

WordPress 4.5.3 fixes bug that allowed password change via stolen cookies. The
WordPress.org team announced a new version of the WordPress CMS one that includes fixes for eight security bugs and 17 maintenance issues.

The most critical security flaw the project fixed is a bug that allowed attackers to change a user's password by leveraging stolen cookies. The WordPress security team's Michael Adams discovered this issue internally.

Browser cookies are easy to steal, and there is a lot of publicly available exploit code that can be packed as a simple XSS and steal a user's cookie file, for a specific site, or for all. Source: Softpedia.com

Hackers breach US company and unwittingly expose 154 million voter records. A CouchDB database holding 154 million voter records was left without protection after hackers breached its network and took down its firewall, The Daily Dot reports following an investigation by MacKeeper security researcher Chris Vickery.
Vickery discovered the database earlier this week, and with the help of a Daily Dot reporter, he managed to track it down to a company named L2, which builds, manages, and sells access to US voter records.

Hacker breaches company hosting details of 154 million US voters. When the two inquired about the unprotected database that was exposed online without being protected by a password, L2 said it belonged to one of their clients. Source: Softpedia.com

Happy safe browsing.
Source: KING.NET

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