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Whaddya think? High Definition Television

High Definition Television

HDTV is high definition television and it can make an enormous difference in your television viewing experience. Many consumers describe the HDTV experience as being closer to watching a movie in the theater than watching a standard television set. HDTV offers a digital picture with a higher resolution than normal television screens. The higher resolution results in a clearer, crisper picture. It also offers the ability to watch widescreen movies and programs without the annoying black bars that your regular television displays. It is the way the movie directors intended you to watch their films. With HDTV, you will be in on even more of the action of your favorite program.

Currently with your regular color television, waves are scanned at 480i. This means that at any given time there are 480 lines of picture being sent to your television screen by your service provider. Odd lines are displayed, followed by even lines. The change happens so quickly, the human eye believes you are seeing one big picture. With the introduction of HDTV, there are more lines transmitted (at either more than double interlaced or progressively) giving us a higher resolution and better quality picture.

In order to enjoy the HDTV experience, you will need to introduce a few things to your home. To get started, you need:

  1. High Definition Television set

    High Definition television sets are available at most consumer electronic stores and are becoming increasingly more affordable for the general public. These sets are the first step in obtaining a clearer, picture that provides an experience similar to the movie theater.

  2. A source (local television, cable or satellite station)

    Even with a HDTV, you may not notice any difference in normal channels. Your channel must be broadcast in high definition in order to see the advanced quality in picture.

  3. A way to receive the signal (antennae, cable or satellite system)

All providers are generally offering some HD channels. Satellite providers are able to offer more of these channels than your local cable company. Be aware that digital channels often offered through cable companies is not the same as HDTV.

In addition to a better quality picture, you will also enjoy higher quality sound with HDTV. The digital audio sound provides even more of a movie theater like experience in your home. To provide the best in entertainment quality in your home, HDTV is the way of the future. As more channels are broadcast in HD format, your television viewing experience will only improve.

Satellite providers not only offer HD channels but their other channels are transmitted via a digital signal. This results in a clearer picture than the analog signal offered by many cable companies. DIRECTV offers a variety of channels in HD format from sports to movies to local channels beginning at just $9.99/month.

To learn more about DIRECTV's HD TV specials.

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