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Tomoye Simplified having issue using the web editor in Vista environment

For starter, the DHTML Editing Control has been removed in Windows Vista.

"The DHTML Editing Control is an ActiveX control designed for WYSIWYG HTML editing in Web pages and Windows applications. It was originally released to the ActiveX Control Gallery in early 1998 by the Microsoft Visual InterDev development team. It quickly became apparent that the tight coupling between Internet Explorer and the control made it desirable to ship the control as part of each Internet Explorer update, and the control has been shipped as part of Internet Explorer since the release of Internet Explorer 5 in early 1999.

Several factors combined to make continued support of the control less desirable over time. Internet Explorer has continued to evolve, incorporating WYSIWYG editing features of its own in Internet Explorer 5.5 and Internet Explorer 6. At the same time, security has become a major focus for Internet Explorer. To increase security, the browser restricts access to potentially dangerous content, but the editor focuses on ensuring that its changing content is safe to persist. Several security bulletins resulted in a more locked-down browser environment, which reduced the utility of the DHTML Editing Control and raised its cost of ownership significantly.

The decision was therefore made to remove the control from Windows Vista. The control was present in the Beta 1 version of Windows Vista, but is absent in subsequent Beta releases and in the final release of Windows Vista." (Microsoft, 2008)

What available alternative do we have after moving from XP to VISTA?

For this specific testing, I'm using Tomoye Simplified version 3.x to edit an html page. I downloaded the DHMTL Editing Control for Vista and install it, but to my dismay it seems not working.

I tried using Google Chrome to see it will provide a different result. Nope, the WYSIWYG html editor is not available.

I've raised this issue with Tomoye technical support, and he told me that there is alternative approach to make it work for Windows VISTA. I'm still waiting for update, hopefully a positive one. I will update this article.


Microsoft website, 2008


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