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Test Drive Cloud Computing - using service free version.

This is a continuation of cloud computing blog that was posted here.

To test drive cloud computing services, I need to open an account. To find out if this is good for my personal online backup or for business use only. I need to have an account but I don't need to spend money ($) for evaluation. This is the only reason, I started using free version for my test drive.

I registered and created my account. I have to fill up a simple registration process e.g. entering my email address, type in my password, year of birth and answer few survey questions. Check your email for confirmation, click the link to confirm and ready to download the software to your workstation.

I go to my temp folder, where I downloaded the file for my Vista workstation. Double click on the exe file and click run to install the program to your workstation. It will take a few minutes to complete the install. I continue to click accepting the default install. Click on Finish to launch Mozyhome Configuration Wizard.

You will see a new icon in your status bar. In my laptop, this icon (orange gray color) is located in right-hand corner. Double click on the icon to execute MozyHome Remote Backup. It will prompt that you haven't configure your backup.

- In MozyHome Remote Backup Configuration, click configure.
- Enter your username (email address) and your password.
- Then click Next and wait.
- Choose the encryption key, use Blowfish Key as recommended. Personal Note: The use of encryption is to secure your data.
- Click on Next to continue.
- MozyHome has scanned my computer and recommended to backup my IE Favorites, My Documents, Photos and Images, and Word Processing Documents. I have no way of changing the selection, maybe for the pro version.
- Click on Next to continue.
- Click Start Test.
- Congratulations. Your broadband is fast enough to support remote backup.
- Click Next
- You have the option to calibrate your MozyHome. This is great managing your workstation CPU process. If you don't know about it, just accept default.
- Start your initial backup.

It will automatically backup your workstation if it has been idle for 20 minutes. The restore is can be done through Client Restore, Virtual Drive or Right-Click Restore.

My initial files to backup is only 23Mb.

The tool is really great to have, ready to go for your online backup. Get your free account first here at

Questions un-answer:
- How do you synchronize your data?
- If I have one picture to share, is it possible to use a URL address?

So far so good .. check it out.


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