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eBay Quality Click Pricing

I've got news from eBay Partner Network announcing Quality Click Pricing, a new payout structure designed to reward the affiliates. It's a similar model of pay per click (PPC) with a twist of traffic quality defined by the eBay network.

"Over the past year, we’ve taken several steps to improve the quality of traffic driven to eBay sites through eBay Partner Network, and we’re pleased to report that our efforts are paying off. Today we’re announcing Quality Click Pricing, a new payout structure designed to further reward the affiliates who drive incremental transactions on eBay and who send value buyers to our sites. We’re also unveiling a number of resources, tips and data to help publishers become even more successful under this new payment model." (2009,


  1. Quality Click Pricing is designed to do one thing only - allow ebay to pay affiliates less and make more for themselves. Why? Because they can and there is nothing you can do about it as an affiliate. Example, I earned 92.00 for sept. Quality Click Pricing predicts my payment would be 32.00 for the same traffic. What is wrong with that? The 92.00 is based on actual earnings for auctions won by people who come to ebay through my links. Why is it ok for ebay to now claim that traffic is worth only 32.00? I will be removing every ebay auction link I have and replacing them with something else. Probably aff links from a source who sells something from my site's niche but anything is better then dealing with a company who just wants me to be happy being screwed. ebay, you suck!

  2. They just make it sounds interesting "Quality Click Pricing". They are becoming a pay per click (PPC) company for affiliates.

    While domain investors are slowly moving out in PPC market. eBay jumps in and change their relationship to their affiliates.

    I know that build a Niche sites that are using eBay affiliate network doesn't like this idea.


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